Tinder Match ‘World Record’ Holder Sets Weird Challenge For Matches


Jazz Egger recently hit the headlines for her brutally honest and hilarious Instagram posts but it turns out she may also be the world record holder for Tinder matches. 

The 19-year-old, who is based in London, claims she’s had an incredible 5,400 right swipes since she downloaded the app, which puts my one to shame.

Speaking to The Daily MailJazz admitted: 

I downloaded Tinder some months ago and I think I might have reached a world record. I travel a lot and people keep super liking me.

I reached a point where I couldn’t answer everyone anymore, because I had swiped right on every super like.

Unfortunately, while it’s fun to be the idol of thousands, Jazz quickly became tired of the constant attention.

call me on my new #banana phone ?

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To try and dissuade all her would-be suitors she was forced to add an addendum to her profile saying the situation had got out of hand and she’d only reply to really interesting messages.

This had completely the opposite effect she’d hoped (I’m reminded of the DENNIS system from Sunny) and in Jazz’s words improved her Tinder game even more.

new work from beautiful #Copenhagen ?⚓️

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She explained: 

I would receive the craziest pick-up lines and unbelievable offers. I even matched with Conor Maynard and other well-known musicians, YouTubers and actors.

Another crazy offer was when a guy invited me for a week in Greece on his yacht. He offered to pay for everything, even my flight — just so he could have a chance. Of course, I declined that offer.

Despite her amazing success on Tinder Jazz has only been on 20 dates through Tinder, although she admits she’s had plenty of interesting conversations.

Let’s hope she finds her knight in shining armour soon.