Tinder’s Most Right-Swiped Man Of 2017 Is Single Again

by : Emily Brown on : 29 Dec 2019 15:46
Tinder's most swiped right man is singleitsstefan/Instagram

A man who earned the nickname ‘Mr Tinder’ after becoming the most swiped-right man on the app is officially back on the market and looking for love. 

Stefan-Pierre Tomlin, 29, first made headlines in 2017 when Tinder revealed more users swiped right for him than anyone else on the app at the time.


Tomlin received 14,600 swipes in the right direction in two years as he wooed women through his profile, though he ultimately found love the ‘old-fashioned’ way after meeting singer Natasha Boon through a friend.

The pair got together earlier this year but recently decided to go their separate ways, meaning the much-loved man is now available.

Speaking about the breakup to the Daily Star, Tomlin said:


I became single last week when my ex and I agreed our relationship wasn’t working. We were arguing and clashed a lot and agreed we were different.

I just wanted to be by myself for a bit and get my own space back.

Despite wanting some alone time, the 29-year-old has admitted he’s willing to get back on the dating apps in the new year, where he’s hoping to find a ‘lucky lady’.

It seems a bit big-headed for Tomlin himself to refer to his potential future girlfriend as ‘lucky’ if you ask me, though I suppose landing one of the most popular men on Tinder would be an impressive feat.


‘Mr Tinder’ went on to discuss the future of his love life, saying:

I can’t see why I wouldn’t go back on and use Tinder, so I’ll be getting back on it soon and I’m going to try and find a lucky lady.

It would be great to do what I did before on the app, because I would talk to lots of different people and go on dates, it was fun.

But right this minute I don’t feel like tinkering just yet – I lived with my ex for six months so it would be hard to move on that quickly.

Though he’s looking forward to diving back into the dating pool, Tomlin admitted his achievement on the match-making app actually made it more difficult for him to find women who liked him for who he was.


He explained how this may affect him going forward, saying:

When I was on dating apps, I got the impression that people just wanted to speak with Mr Tinder. That didn’t make it easy for me, in the sense of working out who genuinely liked me.

So I’m also open to meeting someone outside of Tinder again – in reality, you meet lots of people day to day.

I’m looking for someone that I can grow with.

It will be interesting to see whether Tomlin regains his popular status when he’s back on the app, but with thousands of people swiping through profiles every day I’m sure it won’t be long before he finds somebody to love.


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