Tired Mum Goes On Cleaning Strike After Family Push Her Too Far

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Tired Mum Goes On Cleaning Strike After Family Push Her Too Farmisspotkin/Twitter

What happens if the person who does all the chores suddenly stops? Do magic cleaning fairies come in and take care of everything?

Well, that’s exactly what one fed up mum wanted to find out, when she went on a cleaning strike.


The woman, who goes by the name Miss Potkin on Twitter, decided to see what happened if she stopped doing all of the cleaning, and the results were nothing short of spectacular.

‘Two days ago, I decided to stop doing the dishes. I make all the dinners and I am tired of having to do all the cleaning too. SINCE THEN this pile has appeared and at some point they are going to run out of spoons and cups and plates,’ she tweeted.

‘Who will blink first? Not me. NOT ME F*CKERS.’


Now, that is fighting spirit, but by the third day, Miss Potkin revealed her family had used the last of the big bowls and spoons, but no one said a word or even thought about touching the dishwasher.

However, later that day she achieved her first victory – someone emptied the bin! Sadly, the progress was short lived, as her partner was later spotted making a cup of tea using ‘the baby’s weaning spoon and the emergency cup.’

Oh dear, we’ve all been there.


Next, Miss Potkin turned her attention to the laundry, sharing pictures of various piles of unwashed clothes which had begun piling up in her home.

‘It’s getting a bit post-apocalyptic,’ she said. ‘The piles are everything.’

Anyone who has ever lived in university halls of residence, or any kind of house share, will be able to picture the scene; the ultimate stand off.


‘There is a pan on the cooker with a single sausage in it. It’s been there for two days. I can’t look at it because it’s turned the colour of the man that washes up in Cast Away,’ Miss Potkin continued.


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‘The last of the loo roll in the downstairs loo was used at 7:04pm last night. It hasn’t been replaced. They downstairs loo is now out of action for anyone that remembers. For anyone that doesn’t… God help them.’

By this point, it’s starting to look like all hope is lost, especially when she discovers several empty bottles of shampoo are still sitting the rack next to the bath.


But, everything starts to change when a member of the family experiences first hand how difficult it is to scrape several day-old cereal out of a bowl and into the bin.

‘27 seconds of trying to scape that bowl, now multiply that by 6, and then multiply that by 7, then subtract the number of fucks I have left to give,’ she wrote, until… ‘F*cking hell, it’s happening!’ Someone finally began to load the dishwasher!

Victory is sweet. Congratulations, Miss Potkins.

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Miss Potkin/Twitter
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