Titanic II Will Set Sail In 2022 Following Same Route As Original

by : Lucy Connolly on : 23 Oct 2018 15:38
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Fans of Titanic will be pleased to know that a replica of the 1912 ‘unsinkable’ ship will be setting sail in 2022.


Titanic II will be setting off on a two-week voyage from Dubai to Southampton, before going on to the United States of America and sailing to New York – following the same route as its ill-fated namesake.

It will also be classed as a luxurious ship – just like the original – and will have the same cabin layout, although it will include 21st-century technology.

Just to recap: the original Titanic sank in April 1912 just four days after it set sail, killing more than 1,500 people.


It was a huge shock at the time, primarily because the ship had been consistently referred to as ‘unsinkable’ in the lead up to the voyage.

Which begs the question: should we really be creating a replica which appears to be exactly the same as the one which sank more than 100 years ago?

Titanic II was first announced in 2012, but due to financial difficulties, fabrication was postponed until now.

Blue Star Lines, the company behind Titanic II, said in a statement seen by the BBC:

Now those matters have been resolved, work has recommenced to build and operate Titanic II.

There is still an air of superstition surrounding the ship, with people on Twitter commenting that it’ll be a ‘hard pass’ on sailing aboard the replica in case it is a ‘repeat of last time’.

People are questioning whether the ship is tempting fate by retracing the exact same route, calling into question whether a different direction should be taken.


However, Chairman of Blue Star Lines, Clive Palmer, has assured people that more than 100 years on, the ship is a much safer vessel than its namesake was – stating that modern safety procedures and 21st century technology will be integrated within the ship.

Palmer said in a statement:

Blue Star Line will create an authentic Titanic experience, providing passengers with a ship that has the same interiors and cabin layout as the original vessel, while integrating modern safety procedures, navigation methods and 21st century technology to produce the highest level of luxurious comfort.

Before going on to say:

In 1912 the Titanic was the ship of dreams. For over a century Titanic’s legend has been powered by mystery, intrigue and respect for all she stood for.

Millions have dreamt of sailing on her, seeing her in port and experiencing her unique majesty. Titanic II will be the ship where those dreams come true.


Either way, you can’t really deny that it’s the opportunity of a lifetime. Imagine being able to recreate history – but hopefully with a much better outcome.

Although I do have a feeling that there will be a certain group of people who will set sail just to recreate the iconic ‘King of the world’ scene.


I can’t blame them really – think of the ‘gram and all that.

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