Today Is Answer The Phone Like Buddy The Elf Day

Elf answering phoneNew Line Cinema

Today, December 18, marks the day that it’s officially one week until Christmas, but it’s also something much more important.

Because today is Answer the Telephone Like Buddy the Elf Day; that’s right, you’d better get practicing your best elf voice because it will be the only acceptable way to answer the phone for 24 straight hours.

Not that you’ll be answering the phone at all hours of the day – that’d be ridiculous, no-one’s that popular – but you know what I mean.

Forget the normal greetings of ‘hey’ or ‘hi’ – any self-respecting elf knows they’re boring ways to introduce yourself and should ultimately be banned forever, or at least during the festive period.

Nope, today you can only use Buddy’s greeting of ‘Buddy the Elf, what’s your favourite colour?’ whenever you pick up your phone.

The website National Today encourages everyone to get in the Christmas spirit, writing:

On December 18, we are all Buddy the Elf. So wear something green, pick up the phone, and celebrate Answer The Telephone Like Buddy The Elf Day!

ElfNew Line Cinema

If we’re being honest with ourselves, why wouldn’t we want to do anything possible to be more like Buddy? Just look at him – he’s so excitable and makes you smile at any given opportunity. Also, he eats sweets for breakfast and who doesn’t want to do that?

And despite rule number three of the Elf code stating, ‘the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear,’ I really think the best way to spread Christmas cheer is answering the phone by asking the person on the other end what their favourite colour is.

Sure, singing gets you in the festive spirit but imagine how many people you could cheer up with that simple phrase. And it takes hardly any effort at all!

If you work in a call centre or you’re a receptionist then now’s the time to sit on your throne (not of lies) and brighten your customer’s day. There might be some grumpy recipients who slam the phone down on you but it’s all part of the fun, right?

Elf – released in 2003 – has been recognised by a number of publications as being one of the best Christmas movies ever made, so there’s no excuse not to get involved. Not that there would have been anyway.

Esteemed magazines and websites like Digital Spy, Total Film, and The Hollywood Reporter have all featured Elf in their lists of the greatest Christmas films. But of course it’s not good enough to simply say it features in someone’s list. No, anyone with any decent amount of self-respect will know that it has to be number one.

And it is! In a study conducted last year, Fandango polled over 1,000 film fans to determine their favourite Christmas film made in the 21st Century, and the winner was – you guessed it – Elf!

In a statement about Elf’s victory, Erik Davis, Fandango’s Managing Editor said:

Elf is the most beloved holiday movie in my household because it’s a film that makes you feel warm, happy and silly, and everyone needs some of that come the holidays. That, plus Will Ferrell’s elf antics will never get old!

It’s true, is there anything more wholesome than Buddy screaming ‘SANTAAAAA! OH MY GOD, I know him!’ when he thinks he’s seen his mentor from the North Pole? Or when he tells Deb that she’s so pretty she should be on a Christmas card?

Who wouldn’t want to brighten someone’s day by injecting a bit of Buddy’s optimism into their lives? Cotton-headed ninny-muggins, that’s who.

christmas dinnerNew Line Cinema

National Day Calender is encouraging people to get involved by using the hashtag #AnswerThePhoneLikeBuddyTheElfDay on social media.

And the enthusiasm is already building with companies and employees everywhere getting involved and using the hashtag on Twitter.

One company has got an Elf on the Shelf involved in their antics, tweeting:

We have our very own elf Bertie for #Answerthephonelikebuddytheelfday. If only the studio wasn’t shut and we could really do it! I wonder how many of the team actually will? 🎄 #broughtyferry #bluebertie #designstudio #elfontheshelf #countdowntochristmas

While someone wrote:

Just found out it is #AnswerThePhoneLikeBuddyTheElfDay and I’m curious how people would react if that’s what they got when calling the helpdesk

And another nailed honouring the day in GIF form:

And you don’t have to stop at just answering the phone like him; why not go all out and be Buddy for the day? Hug people, sing loud for all to hear and obviously, eat nothing but sweets, candy canes, the lot.

I reckon the world would be a much nicer place if we all acted like Buddy, even if only for the day.

Just maybe don’t call out any fake Santas for smelling like beef and cheese…

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