Today Is International Kiss A Ginger Day

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Happy ‘International Kiss A Ginger Day’ people and even better, today marks the 10th anniversary of the much-loved day.

Ok, so technically not a real celebration, more of a campaign, but still, a time to celebrate nonetheless.

Ginger, ginger nut, ginga, matchstick, poppy – whatever you call the redhead/s in your life, make sure today is the day you truly show them your appreciation, and maybe give them a little peck – if they want you to!

Established in 2009 by Canadian Derek Forgie, Kiss a Ginger Day is an internationally recognised campaign, designed to tackle bullying and empower redheads.

Forgie launched it as a way to celebrate redheads and their uniqueness, because only one-to-two per cent of the world’s population carries the ginger gene.

Maybe this applies to the UK a little more as there are more redheads in Scotland, Ireland, and Wales than anywhere else.

In the Celtic nations, around 10 per cent of the population boast red hair, while in England, it’s thought to be anywhere up to nine per cent in certain areas – according to the Evening Standard.

Ok, so if you’re wondering how you get involved, it’s pretty self-explanatory! I must warn you though, you’ll have to know a redhead.

Once you’ve got your chosen redhead – or redheads – in mind, show them some appreciation. You can do this by text, or with a little phone call, or why not go and pay them a visit?

You only have to be pleasant and that’s pretty much it…Don’t know what else to tell you to be honest!

My personal favourite redhead – Tommy Johnson – Aston Villa player from back in the 90s. Oh, and Garfield, if he counts!

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