Today Is National Baby-Making Day


Research has revealed how today’s date, 2 January, is the most popular day to fall pregnant, officially being National Baby-Making Day.

According to a study, millions of couples across the world will be going at it like rabbits today, in a bid to fall pregnant and produce a September-born baby.

At exactly 10.36pm tonight, people will be doing the no pants dance, hoping to strike lucky and conceive a baby.


With 26 September being the UK’s most common day for babies to be born, most of these will have been conceived on January 2 as 38 weeks is the length of an average pregnancy.

According to Channel Mum, an online community for parents – who carried out the study – people are hopeful for September babies for the simple reason they’ll be the eldest in the school year.

It’s also thought 2 January is a day couples tend to have sex to cure post-New Year Eve’s hangovers and relieve stress after going back to work.


Siobhan Freegard, founder of Channel Mum, said people try various things in an attempt to get pregnant:

Falling pregnant isn’t always easy so couples who’ve been trying a while will attempt almost anything to help.

While there isn’t much medical science to back up these tips, our members swear they’ve all helped and we have hundreds of bouncing new babies to prove it.

As long as you have fun trying, it’s always worth giving it a go.

The research discovered how an incredible 71 per cent of couples will give wacky tricks a go, in the hope it’ll boost their chances of conceiving.


Among the most common tricks was eating dark chocolate every day, wearing socks during sex, munching on McDonald’s fries after a love-making session and even wearing frozen underpants.

Couples also claim sleeping in total darkness and switching off all devices including Wi-Fi, have also helped them to get pregnant.

Another strange trick was actually the most popular method used by 58 per cent – getting the woman to put her legs in the air and pretend to ride a bicycle for at least three minutes after the couple have finished knocking boots.


Other bizarre things couples tried were using green bedsheets believing it’s a ‘fertile colour’.

One in 200 women had their nose pierced on the left as according to Eastern Ayurvedic medicine, this can make the woman more fertile.

Well whatever floats your boat – good luck if you’re trying!