Today Is National Boyfriend’s Day So Let Your Other Half Know

by : Lucy Connolly on : 23 Sep 2018 20:54
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As though boyfriends needed yet another excuse to get showered with attention and get treated like kings, they now have a day honoured to them.


That’s right, today, October 3 is National Boyfriend’s Day and you’d better believe that men all over the country are going to be lapping it up.

Apparently it’s a day for other halves all over the globe to show their boyfriends the love and appreciation they desire.

Does anyone else feel as though these days are getting a tad ridiculous now? I mean, I understand the conventional holidays like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc…


And then of course there’s Valentine’s Day, a day to express love and affection to your partner or crush by sending cards and/or a gift. Hang on a minute, that sounds familiar…

What is the point in having a separate day for boyfriends when they get celebrated on Valentine’s Day?! Surely it defeats the whole object!

Oh well, the fact of the matter is, it must exist because people are tweeting about it:

As you can see, people seem to be taking this very seriously. And I kinda get it, in the sense that of course you would want to let your boyfriend know how much he means to you. But why can’t you do that on any other normal day?

If you are wanting to celebrate with your boyfriend today, the website Days Of The Year has some suggestions:


Celebrating Boyfriend’s Day is all about celebrating the boyfriend. Think carefully about those things that you do together, and especially those things that he does for him.

Even better, if he hasn’t done anything for him in a while, make sure that he takes the day to go out and does what he loves and gets time away from the house.

Most of all, just be sure to thank him for all the little things that he does for you every day, especially the ones that he may not think anything of. You’d be surprised how appreciated a little thank you can go, especially when utterly unexpected.

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If the above doesn’t sound like your cup of tea though, I have some different (improved) suggestions for what you can do to celebrate the big day:

1. Act like you would any other day
2. Act like you would any other day
3. Act like you would any other day

Because let’s be honest, most of us show our appreciation and love for our other halves on a daily basis. Even if it’s something simple like making them a cuppa when they’re ill, or treating them to a nice meal when payday (eventually) comes round.

Or, if you fancy it you could show your affection by pulling a hilarious prank on your other half, like this woman did:

Hilarious. And it turns out that behaving like this with your partner could actually be the key to a healthy and successful relationship.

Jeffrey Hall, from the University of Kansas, has conducted 39 studies over the last three decades involving over 15,000 people, and has discovered that humour is a critical part of building a strong relationship.

He wrote in his article Humor in Romantic Relationships, a Meta-Analysis how playfulness between romantic partners is a crucial component in bonding because it increases the feeling of security.

It’s a win win situation – you get to take the p*ss out of each other and your relationship gets stronger for it!


Whatever you decide to do to celebrate National Boyfriend’s Day though, please don’t forget the true purpose of October 3:

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