Topless Guy On Tinder Rinsed For Huge ‘List Of Requirements’ For Matches


Ah, Tinder. The place where all your dreams go to die and you’re reminded of how little you actually like your fellow human beings.

Not that I’ve got anything against Tinder itself; online dating as a whole was just a treacherous experience for me.

And now proving all the reasons I hate online dating is one man who has posted a list of demands on his profile for the woman he dates – before they’ve even started speaking.

The man, known only as Chad, 26, went viral recently when his Tinder profile got posted to Reddit – and for all the wrong reasons.

His profile, which includes a topless picture of himself flexing his arms, also includes a list of ‘standards’ which any girl swiping right must supposedly fit.

Underneath the seemingly never-ending list is a sign-off from Chad, which lets all potential suitors know he ‘will not settle for anything less’. Alright, Prince Charming.

Take a look below:

chad tinder reddit topless guy demandsu/fufm/Reddit

If you think the list was just based on appearance, think again. Picky Chad has in his head the picture of an ‘ideal’ woman which seems to cover just about anything – including salary, cooking skills, and alcohol intake.

The 26-year-old states that his date MUST (in capital letters, so he must really mean it) be: blonde or brunette; be fit and toned and go to the gym at least two times a week; be between 5ft 2in and 5ft 6in; and be available at all times.

He doesn’t stop there with his list of demands though, and goes on to say that any woman who’s interested in him ‘must give good head and call me anything I want’ and must dedicate as much time to him as possible. Anyone sensing more than the 13 red flags visible here?

Girl on phonePixabay

Despite wanting his future date to dedicate all of her time to him though, Chad seems to expect her to have a high earning job ($70,000 a year) as well as owning an apartment. So, not much then?

The 26-year-old also expects any woman he’s dating not to have a life, as he states she ‘MUST NOT smoke, drink or do drugs’ and mustn’t go to the club or have ‘girl’s night’. What a bundle of joy.

And the people of Reddit have no time for Chad’s demands, with one writing:

Year 2099: Chad still got no match

Another commented:

That was the most delusional thing I have ever read

While another added:

Ugh, I failed the test at height. I’m one inch too short. Well there goes the love of my life.

Looks like Chad won’t be inundated with matches anytime soon, no matter how confident he seems to be. Even if it is a joke post. Top bants, Chad [rolling eyes emoji] [puke emoji]

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