Transgender Lotto Winner Reveals Dramatic New Look After Surgery

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Transgender lottery winner Melissa Ede has revealed a dramatic new look after spending £3,000 on plastic surgery. 

Melissa, born Keith, netted a cool £4 million after winning on a scratchcard in December.

So far Melissa’s spent her new fortune on a number of surgeries including; cheek fillers, botox, lip fillers, the removal of superficial layers of skin, a brow lift, the removal of dark circles under her eyes, and ‘under-eye plumping’.

These carnations you got me Rachel Nason are still going well after 3 weeks ❤⚘🌷🌹 xxx

Posted by Melissa Ede on Saturday, 16 December 2017

Her most recent surgery though, a neck lift, has knocked her over the £3,000 line.

Speaking to the Hull Daily Mail, she said:

I had jowl around my chin area. There’s a big difference. It’s completely lifted it. It’s like a laser treatment. It carries on working for about six weeks. It carries on lifting more and more.

Melissa’s fiance, Rachel Nelson, is a big fan of the surgery, saying it had made a massive difference and gave her face a real shape.

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Although she did go on to joke, if Melissa had her way, she’d get a whole head transplant.

Rachel said:

It’s made a massive difference. Her face has a shape to it now instead of just hanging.

I’m just waiting for her to say, ‘I just want a head transplant’ and I think she will be happy.

We got drunk 🤣🤣🤣

Posted by Melissa Ede on Thursday, 15 February 2018

Melissa is reportedly not done with surgery yet though, she’s hoping to ger her nose and teeth done next and is looking at getting a facial feminisation operation.

The surgery, which carries several risks and requires several procedures, involves altering a person’s face to bring the features closer in shape and size to those of an average female face.

These include chin shaping, lip enhancement/lifting, thyroid cartilage reduction, hairline correction, cheek implants and several other procedures.

Mellisa said:

I just want to feel younger, fresher and more feminine. I want to get a nose job done and the teeth.

Fair enough, she’s got the money to spend so may as well make use of it! Whatever makes her happy!