Trolls Body Shame Brendan Fraser Over ‘Unrecognisable’ Holiday Photos

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Remember Brendan Fraser, the 90’s heart-throb star of The Mummy and of course, the cult classic, George of the Jungle?

Although it’s been quite a while since he was last in the limelight, it’s no lie Brendan Fraser looks completely unrecognisable after he was recently snapped on holiday with his family in Barbados this week.

The reason for such a drastic change, according to Fraser, is due to how performing all of his own stunts led to ruining his body.

Speaking to GQ, Fraser said:

By the time I did the third Mummy picture in China [in 2008], I was put together with tape and ice. Because they’re small and light and they can fit under your clothes. I was building an exoskeleton for myself daily.

I don’t know if I’ve been sent to the glue factory, but I’ve felt like I’ve had to rebuild sh*t that I’ve built that got knocked down and do it again for the good of everyone. Whether it hurts you or not.

Buena Vista Pictures

All of the damage done to his body meant Fraser required a lot of heavy surgery such as a lumbar laminectomy, which removes a portion of vertebra in the lower back to create room within the spinal canal.

The lumbar laminectomy didn’t go as planned so he had to have the operation repeated a year later – while also undergoing a partial knee replacement and surgery to repair his vocal cords.

In total Fraser has sadly been forced to spend seven years ‘in and out of hospital’.

Just last month, Fraser made a statement claiming he had been groped by the former president of the Golden Globes organisers.

He claimed that ex-Hollywood Foreign Press Association head, Philip Berk, touched him inappropriately after they shook hands at a lunch in 2003.

While Berk adamantly denies the claims, Fraser told GQ:

His left hand reaches around, grabs my ass cheek, and one of his fingers touches me in the taint. And he starts moving it around.

I felt ill. I felt like a little kid. I felt like there was a ball in my throat. I thought I was going to cry.

He added:

I became depressed. I was blaming myself and I was miserable—because I was saying, ‘this is nothing; this guy reached around and he copped a feel’.

It made me retreat. It made me feel reclusive.

I don’t know if this curried disfavour with the group, with the HFPA, but the silence was deafening.


Deciding at the time not to make the incident public, Fraser received a written apology but felt himself shut out from the HFPA and Golden Globes, wondering if he’d been blacklisted.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association claimed that they would look into the incident.

They also released a statement claiming:

Over the years we’ve continued a positive working relationship with Brendan, which includes announcing Golden Globe nominees, attending the ceremony and participating in press conferences.

This report includes alleged information that the HFPA was previously unaware of and at this time we are investigating further details surrounding the incident.

Hopefully Brendan is able to get back on the road to recovery – both physically and mentally – soon!