Trump Supporter Begs Cops To Intervene In US Capitol Riots In Surreal Video

by : Emily Brown on : 19 Jan 2021 09:09
Trump Supporter Begs Cops To Intervene In US Capitol Riots In Surreal Video@chevlove68/TikTok

As hundreds of right-wing protestors stormed the US Capitol building, one Donald Trump supporter was caught on camera begging police to step in. 

The Capitol building was swarmed by Trump supporters following the president’s ‘Save America’ rally on January 6, with protestors not only infiltrating the marble steps, but also forcing their way inside the building.


With some waving Confederate flags and with Make America Great Again hats in abundance, demonstrators vandalised the interior, trashed lawmakers’ offices and stole furniture from the building. Most appeared more than happy with the proceedings, some snapping pictures as they went, but one Trump supporter recognised things had gone too far.

See his reaction below:


In a video shared by TikTok user @chevlov68, a man in a red MAGA hat could be seen shouting at armed police on the outskirts of the Capitol.

Despite the fact that protesters had surrounded the building, the officers seemed to be simply observing the situation from afar, doing little to help control the crowd.

The Trump supporter slammed their lack of action, asking, ‘Why haven’t you called for backup? Where is your backup?’

Trump supporter begs Capitol police to step in@chevlove68/TikTok

Making his disapproval of the riot clear, he continued:

This is our damn Capitol building, and y’all are letting it get destroyed on your watch! F*ck all of y’all – call for backup! Get some help down here!

And if they don’t want to get you f*cking back up they obviously don’t give a sh*t about you.

These people want blood.

It’s unclear at what point during the day this video was captured; it’s possible that Trump supporters had not yet gained access to the building, or that police inside had already managed to get the situation under control.

The officers in the video didn’t appear to respond to the man’s suggestions, but accounts from police officers on the day state that backup was quickly requested.

Capitol police@chevlove68/TikTok

Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund said he made an ‘urgent, urgent immediate request for National Guard assistance’, stating, ‘I have got to get boots on the ground.’

However, DC officials told The Washington Post that director of the Army Staff Lt. Gen. Walter Piatt said he could not recommend that his boss, Army Secretary McCarthy, approve Sund’s request, NPR reports.

Capitol Police were left to defend the building for hours before backup arrived, during which time numerous people suffered fatal injuries.

Officers fighting off rioters at the CapitolPA Images

In response to the TikTok video, social media users have described the Trump supporter as a ‘real patriot’, noting that he put his country first ‘no matter how mad he is about elections’.

January 6 marked the first time the Capitol building had been infiltrated since 1814.

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