TV Host Dies In Middle Of Live Show In Front Of Horrified Audience


Warning: Distressing Content

Horrendous video footage has emerged showing the shocking moment a TV host collapses and dies during a live show. 

Popular TV host, Ahmad Ghaemi suddenly fell forward in the middle of a presentation ceremony in Iran into a crowd of stunned onlookers.

The TV personality suffered a devastating heart attack while the show was being filmed and collapsed among the audience, the Mirror reports.

The terrifying film has been released showing the man losing consciousness and falling on stage.

Audience members scrambled to the side of the stage and immediately tried to revive the unconscious presenter.

Others grabbed their phones and called desperately for paramedics but sadly Ahmad was declared dead at the scene.


What seems to make this incident even scarier is the fact that it happened so suddenly and he appeared completely fine beforehand.

RIP Ahmad, our thoughts go out to his family and anyone affected by this sad story.