Twisted Bastard Used Torture Method To See If His Girlfriend Was Cheating

by : UNILAD on : 03 Mar 2016 13:29
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A 22-year-old Wisconsin man, with a history of domestic abuse, has been accused of waterboarding his ex-girlfriend to force her to admit she was cheating on him with another man.

The accused, and full-time bastard, Dylan VanCamp was charged with strangulation, stalking, suffocation, and bail jumping.


The torture, as reported in The Independent, was just one example amid a whole catalogue of violence and abuse.

The woman claims VanCamp dragged her out of the shower by her hair and pushed her onto the bed before waterboarding her.

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She told police she had a ‘hard time breathing and felt as if she was drowning’ when VanCamp covered her mouth with a wash cloth and poured three cups of water over it.


However, the harrowing tale of brutality does not stop there. Apparently, the waterboarding was not an isolated incident at all.

VanCamp’s ex told police that the waterboarding was just one segment of their nightmare eight month relationship. He also allegedly threatened to torture her with pliers and strangled her until she felt like she was floating on air.

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She added that once he even threw a fork at her, as they sat watching a film, which embedded itself into her shin.


VanCamp is currently being held at the Lincoln County Jail and is due to appear in court for the first time on March 16.

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