Twitch Streamer Accidentally Falls Asleep, Wakes Up To Find 200 People Watching Him

by : Lucy Connolly on : 29 Jan 2019 16:45
Twitch streamer falls asleepTwitch streamer falls asleepJesseDStreams/Twitch

If you’ve ever fallen asleep in public, you’ll understand the pure embarrassment of realising people have seen you at your worst.


It could happen on a train, a bus, maybe even at the hairdressers – but the outcome is always the same. Mouth open, snores galore, even a lil bit of dribble here and there. Just me? Okay then, swiftly moving on…

My point is, it’s embarrassing. What’s probably not very embarrassing to most people is falling asleep in your own home… Except when you find out hundreds of people have been watching you do so.

Which is exactly what happened to one man recently when he accidentally fell asleep while live streaming on Twitch. Now, you may think if that happened to you, people would just stop watching. After all, why would anyone want to watch someone sleep?


But surprisingly, more than 200 people stayed tuned to watch his sleeping habits, waiting for him to wake up and some even donated money.

The man, a 36-year-old streamer named Jesse, was asleep for nearly three hours before he woke up to find he had become an internet sensation overnight.

You can watch the video below (he falls asleep at around the two-hour mark):

The incident occurred on Saturday night (January 26) when Jesse was streaming in the ‘Just Chatting’ category on Twitch.

For a couple of hours, the man was just watching TV with some snacks and drinks with his headphones on and no chat interaction whatsoever. Then, everything changed.

Talking to Bored Panda, the streamer said:

I usually stream games. But I like to have a chill streaming from my couch stream once in a while where people can just come by and hang out and just have a conversation.

Prior to me falling asleep, the session had been going just like any other. A few visits from people and I’m not sure if anyone actually chatted.


Hilariously, Jesse then drifted off into the land of nod, his head was nodding along like nobody’s business. Not that I can talk, I’m the queen of sleepy head nods.

Anyway, his falling asleep apparently provided a lot of entertainment for the Twitchsphere as hundreds of people followed his night.

So much so, the video received more than 15K views and became the talk of the town, with people commenting trying to get Jesse to wake up and donating money to the cause.

And then, the moment we’d all been waiting for – Jesse woke up! With a couple of head nods and a jolt, the streamer awoke from his stupor and turned to face the screen.

Boy, oh boy, the shock he had. His face couldn’t hide his surprise at the stream, as he stared open-mouthed and then broke into a smile.

Addressing his new fans, Jesse said:

Hi guys. Hi, folks. My nap was good. I’m in shock, yes I am. There are 200 fucking 13 people here. Holy shit. Why? I am in dreamland.

Twitch streamer falls asleepTwitch streamer falls asleepJesseDStreams/Twitch

Iconic. Now, if someone could just donate some money to me for napping that’d be great.

I’m serious, I promise, I’m really good at it.


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