Shocking Video Of Kid’s Racist, Expletive Football Chant Goes Viral


An very disturbing video of a young child being taught to sing ‘Millwall fuck ’em all’ before shouting an extremely racist profanity has gone viral.


The young boy, along with another his age, and a very young baby, are being egged on by an elderly woman.

She sings the obscene football chant with them, encouraging them to say ‘wankers’ and ‘fuck ’em all’ over and over again.


The woman starts the X-rated chanting and the boy in the passenger seat enthusiastically shouts the horrendous Millwall chant.

Most horrifyingly, the video ends with the young boy shouting:

You fucking black cunts.

The perpetrators have not been identified, but this extremely disturbing video is likely to be investigated by police.


As well as being blatantly racist, the young boy uses the word ‘fuck’ ten times in the space of 30 seconds.


I wonder where he learned all of that…children are not born racist.