Two Australian Guys Achieve Childhood Dream Of Building World’s Longest-Ever Hot Wheels Track

by : Cameron Frew on : 17 Oct 2020 16:05
Guinness World Records

Beat that! Two Australian guys have used their free time to make a childhood dream come true: making the world’s longest Hot Wheels track. 

For millions, Hot Wheels were a key part of people’s childhoods. Whether it was humbly racing them around with your finger, or the insane, outlandish big-box tracks that came later, they were some of the best toys on offer.


Similarly to building a tower of single LEGO blocks – we’ve all done it – imagine putting an absolutely massive Hot Wheels track together. For these two radio hosts, they turned that fantasy into a Guinness World Record.

Check out the amazing video of the Hot Wheels track record below: 

The new record was set by Michael Wipfli and Ryan Fitzgerald, the co-hosts of NOVA’s breakfast radio show Fitzy & Wippa.


The idea was born out of Wipfli’s children’s current obsession with Hot Wheels, sparking the notion of building the world’s biggest track. Soon, taking advantage of lockdown boredom, he and Fitzgerald got to work on the logistics.

Fitzy and Wippa celebrate Hot Wheels TrackGuinness World Records

After months of planning, they finally put the track to the test at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo and Centennial Park. Alas, the car kept falling off the track. While it’s all well and good building the thing, a car must remain on the track for the entirety of the journey in order to be eligible for the record.

For reference, the previous record was set back in November 2019 by Joey Logano and Hot Wheels in Charlotte, North Carolina, US, measuring out at 591.8m (just more than 1,941ft).

Fitzy and Wippa celebrate Hot Wheels Track 2Guinness World Records

The guys eventually built the track at Oatley Park on August 4, and after four hours and 50 separate attempts, they finally conquered the incredible 751.13m (2,464ft) run.

Wipfli said, ‘It came to the point where 2020, as we spoke about before the show, has been a stinker. No one is having a good time! What a dream it’s been, what a journey it’s been.’

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Guinness World Records
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    Australian radio show Fitzy & Wippa breaks record for world’s longest Hot Wheels track