‘UFO’ Caught On Camera During Live News Broadcast

by : Tim Horner on : 09 Jan 2018 21:38
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Did you watch the local news last week in Portland? If you live in Portland there’s a chance you might answer that question ‘yes’ or you might be one of them types that scour the internet for evidence of life out there. Because the other night on local news in Portland there was something that looked definitely quite possibly other worldly.


Were you there, man, on the morning of last Thursday January 4? Jenny Hanson and Ken Boddie were doing their breakfast show thing and at three minutes to ten to seven THERE WAS A LIGHT!

Mad eh? All that traffic driving past on what I’d imagine is the freeway – we call it a motorway over here, don’t you know – no, not down there, look in the other place, the sky, yeah, where you wouldn’t expect lights to be found unless they were attached to aeroplanes (what you call airplanes) or birds, maybe…

Get your tinfoil hats out, because this is a tricky one worth discussion. Theories are abound online.


On Disclose.TV something, not much, of an argument has broken out in the comments.

Truthdefender said:

It seems to be a reflection from the headlights of the vehicle below. Notice how both the upper light and the vehicle make an inverse but identically curved path?

Thought it was gonna be something cool for a split second!

Spikey pitched in with:


On first glance, the car headlight reflection theory seems very plausible and logical…but as you pointed out, there are many vehicles on that overpass, yet none of the others produce any reflections even though they are following the exact same trajectory and are at the same angle and height as one another.

Conclusion: It unlikely to be car headlight reflections.

undefinedKOIN 6/YouTube

Look at that floating behind Jenny’s shoulder, look me in the eye and tell me that’s not a UFO!

The commenters on YouTube haven’t been much help either in solving the mystery.


Jose posted:

Awesome video and news broadcast. Couldn’t of [sic] been more real. What will the critics say, that it was a lens flair? I don’t think so. That was the real deal. Keep up the awesome work Hidden Underbelly, your doing great. God bless


One of the two objects, looks like a bird/angel type thing

Told you so.

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