UK Motorists Swear Every Two And A Half Miles

by : Julia Banim on : 02 Oct 2018 08:12
Motorists swear when drivingMotorists swear when drivingSWNS

Rush hour on a Monday morning would be enough to make the Dalai Lama curse like a sailor, and us Brits are certainly a little more potty-mouthed while out on the roads than you might expect.


According to study of 2,000 drivers, commissioned by Hyundai, UK, motorists swear for every two and a half miles driven. It also revealed motorists usually drop around 41 swear bombs per 100 miles. Tut tut tut.

Bearing in mind, your average UK motorist drives 373 miles back and forth to work each month, this will clock up to a whopping 149 expletives. What the fun!

Worryingly, 84 per cent of participants were unaware cursing or gesturing rudely at other drivers counts as ‘disorderly behaviour’ and could even land them an extremely swear-worthy fine.


Hyundai commissioned the research as part of Clean Driving Month; joining forces with consumer psychologist, Patrick Fagan.

Senior product manager at Hyundai Motor UK, Sylvie Childs, said:

It’s been fascinating to delve into the mindset of drivers with this research, which has been commissioned as part of Clean Driving Month where we’re calling on all drivers to drive a little bit cleaner.

Whether that’s getting in the right mindset to keep their attitude and language clean, improving their driving style or championing the benefits of alternative fuels.

Fagan has provided some helpful tips on how motorists can ‘clean up their attitude’ behind the wheel:

It’s interesting to see that British drivers swear as often as 41 times every 100 miles, the challenge is making sure drivers don’t cross over from ‘auto annoyance’ to ‘road rage’.

There are ways that everyone can ensure they’re in a positive mindset when they get behind the wheel – from removing distractions, listening to peaceful music or eating some chocolate.


Interestingly, the M25 appears to enrage UK motorists the most; making them swear like no other major motorway or A road. This was closely followed by the hecking M6 and the M1.

Someone ‘cutting you up’ came in as the number one reason why motorists swear, with ‘nearly being rammed by a driver changing lanes’ and ‘seeing someone texting and driving’ in an extremely relatable second and third place.

Deep breaths and let’s all try and be calm with each other. After all, we’re all stuck in the endless cycle of traffic jams together.

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