Man With 90p To His Name Wakes Up £1.2 Million Overdrawn

by : UNILAD on : 04 Feb 2017 16:36

There’s no doubt at some point in life you’ve had to stretch your overdraft right up to its perilous limit.


The end of the month can’t come soon enough, after having to survive on a diet of beans on toasts for three fucking weeks as your social life takes a nosedive.

Tyler Daniels/Facebook

But you think you have it bad? Well, this guy right here woke up one day to find he was £1.2 million overdrawn (yeah, million) and the worst thing? He didn’t even have an overdraft facility in the first place.

A few days back Tyler Daniels, 21, from Corringham, Essex, woke up to the horrific news that four separate £250,000 sums were taken from his account, before another £200,000 was taken out, The Mirror reports.

Facebook/Tyler Daniels

Beforehand, he only had 90p in his current account as it was and was therefore left with a heart attack-inducing balance of minus £1,199,999.10.

In a Facebook post, Tyler said:

I woke up to my current account overdrawn by almost 1.2 million. I have been on the phone to Barclays for over 2 hours talking to various departments including the fraud department.

I went to my local Barclays branch to take cash out my savings account to live on whilst my current account was suspended. I was then told in branch that I couldn’t take cash out my savings account as Barclays has blocked all my accounts.

Tyler Daniels/Facebook

He claims that he has now been forced to borrow money from his grandfather and has been left feeling ‘so stressed’ following the ordeal.

Daniels apparently had only had the account since October last year and never had an overdraft option in the first place.

Despite having £300 in savings, he’s unable to access it after Barclays froze his account.


A Barclays spokesman told the Mail Online:

From the detail included in the mini statement, it is evident that the transactions could only have been made using login security information for the mobile banking app. We are carrying out a thorough investigation.

Only time will tell whether Tyler will be in debt to Barclays for thousands of years to come.

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