Universal Announces Opening Of New Harry Potter Ride

Hagrid ride Universal OrlandoUniversal Orlando Resort

Get your wands, robes and house scarves ready, because there’s a brand new Harry Potter ride coming to Universal Orlando. 

With the Hogwarts Express, an immersive Gringotts ride, and an impressive replication of Diagon Alley – complete with fire-breathing dragon – the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal was already pretty much the closest thing us muggles could get to becoming a Hogwarts student.

Now, however, the company have given us one more way to live out the magical story, with a new ride honouring everyone’s favourite half-giant gamekeeper.

Hagrid Harry PotterWarner Bros.

On June 13, the park will open Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure in the Hogsmeade section of the Wizarding World, located at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

The new attraction will feature the most highly-themed coaster yet, in which guests get to fly with Hagrid on a thrilling roller coaster, crossing paths with some of the rarest magical creatures.

Luckily Hagrid will know how to handle them!

According to Orlando Weeklythe new ride will replace the Dragon Challenge roller coaster, which was shut down over a year ago.

Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure is a family-friendly roller coaster, meaning there won’t be any stomach-churning hills or hair-raising loops, but they’d only distract from spotting the mystical creatures anyway!

Instead, there will reportedly be multiple launches and innovative maneuvers, vertical and backwards segments, and an indoor elevator-style drop.

New Hagrid ride opening at Universal OrlandoUniversal Orlando Resort

In keeping with the way Hagrid cruised in the story, guests will travel in convoy in a selection of motorbikes, complete with sidecars, along the coaster.

In an impressive feat of engineering, the brainiacs behind The Wizarding World of Harry Potter have recreated the magical creatures as animatronics, meaning visitors will have a much more life-like experience than if the animals were simply projected around the ride.

According to Orlando Weekly, former theme park employee Alicia Stella discussed what she knew about the ride:

Even though they are technically touting it as a family coaster, I believe it will have the most launched elements of any LSM coaster.

All these maneuvers have never been combined into one ride before: going up several stories and then falling backwards, doing a backwards drop track.

There are rumors that you might see the Great Hall, Hogwarts’ kitchen, another portrait gallery, and the first scene of the ride may be the carriage stables for the thestrals.

Whatever path the ride ends up taking, guests can be confident it’s going to be an incredible experience – Universal haven’t failed Harry Potter fans yet!

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