UNO Officially Confirm You Can End The Game With An Action Card


I can count on one finger the number of times I’ve played UNO.

My life may be a sham because of this fact, I don’t know, what I do know is it’s very difficult writing about UNO when your only memory of it is from a drunk evening on holiday in Spain.

So you can end the game with an action card. Hooray.

I’d guess this is one of those ‘We’ve been playing Monopoly all wrong’ type adventures, where nobody reads the rules and then goes on to curse bloody murder at the fact the game takes forever to play.

But it’s trickier than that, because according to World of Buzz, we’ve apparently been under the assumption that you can’t end a game of UNO on an Action Card. Even though that rule doesn’t appear anywhere in the rule book.

Mind=blown. Lives: changed. Fractured family relationships: still sullied.

Well at least we can all play properly now.

Instead of sacrificing the Buckaroo donkey on a pyre made of Monopoly money or however else you’re supposed to get in touch with the customer services department of board games companies, someone opened this ‘Are you actually jesting mate?’-shaped can of worms with a tweet to the guys and girls at UNO.

They wrote:

@realUNOgame you can win a game with the +2 / +4 change color card ?

Wait for it. UNO’s response is a zinger.

They replied:

Yes, you can end a game with an Action Card.

you can win uno with an action cardrealUNOgame/Twitter

Look at that full stop, as well. There’s no disputing this one, folks.

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