Video Of Trump’s Hair Battling The Wind Is Going Viral


The internet is overflowing with outrageous videos, but never has one made me so uncomfortable as the recent clip of Donald Trump.

The footage, showing his barnet entering a serious battle with the strong winds before he boards a plane, is reminiscent of some sort of raw, plucked poultry.

President Trump recently confirmed to Piers Morgan that his hair is all real, but after this video, the toupee rumours have definitely been set alight once more.

Here’s the unsettling clip:

The wisp of hair clings to his pink scalp like a plastic carrier bag caught in the twigs of a tree, or like that bit of dead skin hanging off you mate’s lip that you can’t bring yourself to tell them about.

Trump boarding HAir Force One has gone viral online. People hate it but they can’t stop watching it.

A photo of Trump’s mother was shown during Trump’s recent ITV interview, and people couldn’t help but point out the same blonde bouffant nature of their locks.

Trump said:

People find it hard to believe that it is my hair.

It’s hanging in… Barely.

The public were also fascinated by the president’s drinking habits as well, with several people pointing out that the renowned germaphobe had a white cover over his glass of water.

It raised concerns that the president has become a bit ‘paranoid’.

A bemused Graeme Demianyk‏ posted an image of the water with the caption : ‘Trump’s glass of water with paper cover #TrumpMorgan.’

Yellow Doge wrote: 

Surprisingly resembles skinning of raw chicken.

One Twitter user said:

That his hand doesn’t instinctively fly to the back of his head is a testament to the man’s depth of denial & refusal to admit mortality.

Trump denials the existence of global warming, and Mother Nature is getting her own back.

Mother Nature 1, Trump 0.