Brawl Between Two Women Who Threw Cups Of Tea And Bin Lids Breaks Out

two women fight cup of teaNews Dog Media

We’ve all heard of, and probably experienced, fights breaking out in bars. There’s always someone who’s had one too many, decides to take offence to some little innocuous thing and thinks the only way to settle the dispute is with physical violence.

However, when a fight breaks out over your morning cuppa, that’s when things can get dicey.

Shocking footage has emerged of two women fighting outside a house, with one of the ladies using the only thing in her hand – a cup of tea – as an aid.

Check it out here:

In the crazy video, the two women get in to a fight after one calls the other ‘a slut’, resulting in tea going everywhere and even bins being thrown around.

As the Daily Mail reports, the incident took place in County Durham, and ended when one women was arrested, but released with no further action.

As the footage shows, the women are already arguing when the blonde woman lifts up her pink shorts and gracefully waves her rear end at other woman who is standing in her doorway.

Not satisfied with mooning, though, the blonde lady marches forward and shoves the other. Amazingly, though the shove is pretty forceful, it wasn’t forceful enough to spill the tea. I must say, the brunette lady holding the tea did well there. Priorities.

two women fight cup of teaNews Dog Media

Unfortunately the tea doesn’t last much longer as, without any obvious aids to help, the brunette lady raises her mug and fires it right at the blonde woman.

It’s a pretty shocking move, and sadly things only go downhill from there as punches are thrown, people get pushed over walls and bin lids are utilised as make-shift projectiles.

The two women proceed to battle it out as bemused bystanders look on, wondering how this has broken out on what seems to be a fairly quiet street rather than the usual late night kebab shop where this kind of thing is more common.

two women fight cup of teaNews Dog Media

The brunette was arrested after the incident but was eventually released with no further action.

I would say they both need to go home, settle down and have a nice cup of tea, but I’m not sure that’s going to help anyone now.

It seems only yesterday that, instead of fighting in the street in the sunshine, the biggest snowball fight of the century was held in Bristol.

snowball fightSWNS

Fortunately, this fight had rules, and hot drinks were used they should be – to warm you up after being out in the cold.

The rules were:

1. Snow balls only (no rocks, no sticks, no ice etc.)

2. No snow balls thrown until 3pm

3. If you’re not part of the fight (taking a break) put your hands up and move out the way

4. Don’t hit anyone with their hands up

5. Don’t hit anyone with a camera (or the drone)

6. Take care of each other, don’t be a d*ck

7. Have fun!

8. Snowmen/women are protected citizens, if you hit one you’re getting bundled…

It may have been cold, but they were simpler times weren’t they?

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