Vietnamese Woman Insults Diners Not Realising They Speak Vietnamese

by : Emily Brown on : 30 Jul 2021 18:06
Vietnamese Woman Insults Diners Not Realising They Speak Vietnameseu/Fullerene00/Reddit

A Vietnamese woman who wrongly assumed two people couldn’t speak her language was left red-faced after she insulted them behind their backs. 

The two men involved in the video just so happened to be recording when the encounter took place at what appeared to be a boba shop, with the footage showing them speaking in English as they discussed the menu.


As the camera panned towards one of the customers, a woman in the background could be heard making a comment in Vietnamese, with subtitles explaining she said something along the lines of, ‘if these two foreign guys have COVID we’ll die’.

Customer confronts woman who insulted him (u/Fullerene00/Reddit)u/Fullerene00/Reddit

It’s worth noting that the two men were both wearing protective face coverings over their noses and mouths at the time, while the woman had her mask pulled below her chin, but she evidently felt safe in making the comment after hearing the two men speak English.

Unfortunately for her, she didn’t expect that the subjects of her criticism could have learned her language – which they soon revealed they did. Turning to the woman, one of the men commented: ‘You want to say that again? We’ve been here a long time’.


Check out the video below:

Despite having just been addressed in the language, the woman then asked the man to clarify if he spoke Vietnamese, to which he responded, ‘Yeah, are you embarrassed yet?’, before the video came to an end.

Viewers of the video on Reddit were quick to criticise the woman for her actions, with many noting that she implied the two men had coronavirus while not wearing her own face mask properly, as others shared their own tales of being insulted by strangers.


Though there’s always a chance that indirect insults will get back to the person they were about, a safe way to try and avoid that outcome is to at least make sure they’re not in the same, very quiet room. Hopefully the encounter will have taught the woman not to make assumptions when it comes to judging others.

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