Virgin Selling Train Tickets All Around UK For £5

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We all know that trains are way too expensive, so much so that it puts you off even travelling at all.


You routinely see news of airlines running ludicrously cheap flights from London to Bali but then you go online to find out a train to the capital more than cancels out any cheap deal you could’ve got on a flight.

But not any more, that’s because Virgin is launching its Spring Seat Sale on Thursday March 15, with tickets starting from only £5.

According to Somerset Live, over 500,000 first and standard class seats will get their prices slashed, with some of them even dropping to less than half the going rate.

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This is including some of the most popular routes for the trains, including London to Manchester, Glasgow and Birmingham.

Sarah Copley, executive director of commercial for Virgin Trains on the West Coast, told Somerset Live:

With our Spring Seat Sale, our customers can jump on a train and enjoy the best the UK has to offer.

At Virgin Trains, we pride ourselves in offering a comfortable and smooth journey from beginning to end.

We get you there quicker than the car, and with our industry firsts – such as mobile ticketing, automatic compensation for delays and our free on-demand entertainment app beam – your journey will be smoother and more enjoyable too.


If you’re looking to travel, the tickets are available for any trains between April 3 and June 1, so you’ve got plenty of time to get your plans in order.

And even better news, you can even access these deals early if you have your mobile phone contract with O2.

If you wanted to really cheap out on a trip of a lifetime then you should check out this deal which will get you from London to New York for as little as £99.


While sat in normal seating, with just 10kg of hand luggage, it isn’t exactly the First Class experience you might be craving for a nine-hour journey, but come on: £99. There ain’t no arguing with that.

All routes will depart from London Stansted, a first for the airport in 10 years.

Overall, 396 tickets are to be flagged on a first come, first served basis.

They will go on sale on March 22 at 9am and obviously are projected to sell out in minutes, if not SECONDS. So no faffing around. The early bird catches the plane to the city that never sleeps!


Primera Air CEO Hrafn Thorgeirsson told Telegraph Travel:

At Heathrow there are no slots available and Gatwick is really saturated and very difficult to get any proper slots.

Nobody is serving Stansted right now for our market.


As per their website:

Ever since starting out in 2003 as a charter provider, we’ve strived towards one thing – excellent air travel services. Our constant attention to detail, innovative spirit and lookout for improvement has allowed us to grow into a scheduled holiday flight airline, which still aspires toward premium service during every phase of your booking and flight with us.

Currently Primera Air flies from airports in Iceland, Denmark, Sweden and Finland and operates a fleet of 9 aircraft – 2 new generation Boeing 737-700 and 7 Boeing 737-800, ready fly you to the best holiday destinations in Europe and beyond.


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