Waiters Reveal The Most Awkward Dates They’ve Witnessed



When you’re in a restaurant on a date, it’s easy to forget that there’s an invisible third person on that date with you. Someone who knows everything that’s going on. Your waiter or waitress will know an awful lot about your date, some times more than you’d like them to…

One Reddit user asked the waiting on staff of Reddit to break their silence and reveal the worst dates they’d ever seen while working.

This is just awkward for everyone involved.

Sometimes it’s not the customer who puts their foot in it.

Bit of advice here, never tell a girl about your favourite hair products, it’s pretty dull.

Don’t try and show off your new improved partner, especially if he’s a little bit weepy.

Always be nice to the staff, they may save your date.

Don’t show off, you’ll look a bit desperate.

The wait staff aren’t interested in you.

For the sake of your budding and relationship and the waiters sanity don’t be overly keen.

I think this one speaks for itself. Grim.

Ahh, to work in the hospitality industry, eh?