‘People Touching Things’ Series Goes In Very Different Direction In New Video


You remember the video of lesbians touching penises for the first time right? And the eagerly awaited follow-up, gay guys touching a vagina for the first time? I’m sure you do.

Well, Bria and Chrissy – the people responsible for bringing us those amazing scenes – have come up with another video, Men React To A Circumcision!

According to Bria and Chrissy, they thought Men React to A Circumcision would be an interesting video to put together:

We found that this video raises a very interesting question in our society, is this a barbaric practice, or is this a healthy practice?

Basically they show a few guys (non-circumcised we assume) footage of a new-born baby having ‘the chop’ and, as you can imagine, they are pretty shocked by the ‘scenes’.


Before they watch the footage, each of the guys say that if they were to have a son, they would probably get them circumcised. But they soon change their tune.

One guy comments: “Why are they saucing it up? It looks like, umm, Chinese food.” Another (looking pretty pale by this point) describes the process in pretty gruesome detail saying: “It looks like somebody’s peeling a grape.” A third horrified onlooker manages to describe the aftermath for us: “Wow it’s a bloody little stump.”


Bria and Chrissy say the U.S. is one of the last countries that still regularly practices circumcision outside of religious grounds – with around 55 per cent of U.S. males circumcised, and they hope their latest offering will at least spark a conversation about the practice.

This is a legs firmly crossed moment guys.