We Spoke To The Woman Who Legally Changed Her Name To ‘Barbie Dumped Ken’

13220108_10157110097275495_2084826262_nBarbie Dumped Ken/Facebook

Just two months ago, we ran a story on a woman from America who spent £350,000 to look like Barbie. However, what she didn’t do, is change her name too.

But ‘Barbie Dumped Ken’ did. And, yes, that is her real name.

41-year-old Barbie Dumped Ken went by the bizarre moniker on Facebook for years after having a troublesome past with stalkers.

Apparently, one guy in particular tried to add her on Facebook every single day for six months straight after seeing a picture of her on another page, despite having never met her.


When she eventually accepted him, he defaced her Facebook wall in abuse saying, ‘You’re a fake fucking Barbie with your fake face and lips and boobs’ and more, before eventually being reported to the police and arrested.

Wanting to make herself harder to find, and to piss off the vile parasitical troll, she used the name Barbie Dumped Ken on the site – but, just a month ago, Facebook admins got in touch to ask for proof that it was really her name.

Of course, it wasn’t, and her name was changed back to her birth name, Sarah Niblock.

But, as you can probably already imagine, Manchester girl Barbie wasn’t standing for it.

13227988_10157110102200495_429915912_nBarbie Dumped Ken/Facebook

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Barbie said:

So I thought, ‘Who the hell are they to tell me what I can be called?’

I didn’t want my actual name on Facebook because once people know it they can find things out about you. Your work place, etc.

I’ve had trouble in the past with stalkers. So, half for the banter and half on principal, I’ve legally changed my name.

barbie dumped kenFacebook

And, yes, ‘everybody thinks she’s lost the plot’, including her three children who ‘are not happy with the name change’. Standard.

But is it totally insane? Personally, I don’t think it is.

You see, Barbie went on to explain that deep down the whole thing is a joke, satirically taking the piss out of fake celebrities such as the Kardashian clan of fuckwits, simply by imitating them.

But has this imitation joke gone too far? Barbie doesn’t think so.

barBarbie Dumped Ken/Facebook

She added: 

Why should we take take everything so seriously?

Barbie Dumped Ken was my alter ego. In the past I pretended I had my own fly on the wall documentary which I filmed with my kids and talked about how perfect I am and how great my life is.

It was kind of like pretending to be a celeb. It’s always made my friends and family laugh. I pretended to be doing book signings and photo shoots, etc.

But, after a while, I felt as Sarah Niblock I couldn’t do it any more. I felt my alter ego joke was becoming me. That Barbie was actually me and not my alter ego. Sarah Niblock was a shit name to start with. Everybody calls me Barbie now. But I didn’t at any point think Barbie Dumped Ken was a sensible name to have.

Whether you think it’s mad or not, Barbie doesn’t seem to care.

13220057_10157110103720495_1919575130_nBarbie Dumped Ken / Facebook

While we were chatting, she also told me an anecdote about a delivery man who, after meeting her, kept her number from the parcel he’d delivered to her and rang pretending to be a gardener that would cut her grass for free.

No matter what you make of Barbie, it’s safe to say there’s far crazier people in this world with ‘normal’ names. Take Donald Trump for instance. Very normal name, but a fucking lunatic.

Fair play to her, I say.

At the moment, Barbie’s in the process of writing a book about her experiences called ‘Why Barbie Dumped Ken’, although in the meantime she’s simply celebrating the eight year anniversary of her breast enhancement surgery.