Welsh OnlyFans Model Becomes Self-Made Millionaire By Selling Videos Online

by : Emily Brown on : 26 Mar 2020 12:46
OnlyFans Model Becomes Self-Made Millionaire By Selling Videos OnlineOnlyFans Model Becomes Self-Made Millionaire By Selling Videos OnlineWales Online

A Welsh woman has become a self-made millionaire in a matter of months by selling videos on OnlyFans. 


Dannii Harwood, from Neath, Wales, began her journey into the adult industry after she was turned away from the West End, where she hoped to perform as a dancer.

As a child, Dannii performed in the church choir and described herself as a ‘bit of a swot’ who loved school, but was sadly bullied as a result. When she was 16, she was accepted on a scholarship to an independent performing arts college in Surrey and eventually made it to the final stage of auditions for the Queen musical We Will Rock You.

Unfortunately, she was not accepted for the job, so she decided to set up her OnlyFans account as a source of income – and it has since gone on to become a big hit with fans.


On OnlyFans, subscribers pay for content described as what you might find on Instagram but ‘without the PG-13 rating’. Every day, Dannii receives payments from people looking for her to enact their sexual fantasies, with some customers so regular that Dannii knows personal information like their birthday or their children’s names.

Dannii believes she is the first woman in the UK to make revenues of £1 million on OnlyFans, saying 95% of the money she has earned has come in over the last 18 months.

Woman made £1 million on OnlyFansWoman made £1 million on OnlyFansWales Online

After growing her OnlyFans account to be such a success, Dannii has opened a second page as a consultancy for other women who want to make a living in the same way.

She has noticed an influx of women hoping to make money on OnlyFans as a result of the coronavirus limiting their travel and ability to work, and her management account offers them the chance to learn how to do so.

Dannii explained how the entrepreneurial move has been a hit, saying:

I have opened up a OnlyFans management company since the beginning of March and it has gone crazy.

Strippers and adult industry girls are now working from home because there are self-isolating. It is a really awful time. I would rather none of this was happening, I know people who are directly affected by it. Hopefully things will go back to normal.

I had one girl who was a stripper and didn’t want to have that one on one contact any more. In the first 10 days she made $5,500.

Welsh woman made £1million on OnlyFansWelsh woman made £1million on OnlyFansWales Online

Now that she is well-established on the site, Dannii doesn’t have to spend as much time doing promotion and is able to create most of her content by shooting just once a week, and scheduling her posts.

It’s definitely not a bad work schedule considering she has £1 million in the bank!

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