Experts Reveal What Quitting Drinking Can Actually Do To Your Body



When was the last time you went four weeks with no alcohol?

It would take two to four weeks of being sober to see the noticeable health benefits of not drinking.

Even just cutting back on alcohol and increasing your weekly exercise a bit would result in positive changes in your body.

Elite Daily reports that while the body can process around one unit of alcohol per hour, there are lasting negative effects on the body.


Registered dietitian at Nutrition Works NY, Sammi Haber, said:

You don’t necessarily have to stop drinking altogether to reap any benefits. Instead, it might be helpful to simply cut down on the amount you drink.

The effects of alcohol run on a J-shaped curve, meaning a moderate amount (i.e. one drink a day for women and two drinks a day for men) can be healthy, but as you increase the amount you drink in a day, the negative effects of alcohol quickly increase as well.

The risks of drinking increase over time as prolonged alcohol intake puts you at risk of developing different diseases, and as your liver becomes less equipped to filter the alcohol.


Healthy habits like at least five hours of exercise per week and a balanced diet can help soften the effects of the alcohol.

Alcohol is like empty calories. I don’t tend to count it as something that can cause me to put on weight, but most contain a very high number of calories.

Healthy lifestyle and business coach Katie Proctor said:

Even one to two glasses of wine nightly adds up calorically, and you may notice some positive benefits within just a few days of giving up this habit.

I’d say (very generally) that it would take at least two to four weeks of consistently not drinking to see noticeable physical results assuming all other factors stay the same.


It just seems to be part of the weekly routine to go for a drink after work in the week and then at the weekend.

I reckon my body would hugely appreciate a month off from the poison…maybe next week.