This Is What Your Car’s Colour Says About You


Whatever your job is, take comfort in knowing it’s sombody’s job out there to research why we buy things based on different colours.

That person is Lea Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, and she is reportedly an absolute expert when it comes to colour, reports Thrillist.

As somebody who knows absolute zilch when it comes to cars I guess a lot of my reasoning when purchasing such an automobile would boil down to the exterior colouring of this hypothetical vehicle.


But apparently there’s more to it than just a colour preference, apparently the colour of your car ‘reflects who you are’.

So strap yourself in and enjoy as we explain why your car is the colour it is:

red-sports-carPublic Domain Pictures


The person who is inclined to drive a red car is someone who is high-energy, who loves the dynamism of a red car. There’s a certain sexy connotation attached as well. It’s a person that craves and loves attention.

Deep, bluer reds have the same sort of qualities as vibrant reds, but this is a person who wants to be more subtle about it. A wine-colored car, a burgundy, still comes from the red family, but there’s a great deal of subtlety and sophistication there.



It’s highly visible, so there is a safety factor in driving a car that’s this bright. At the same time, it has a sunny disposition. There’s a kind of joyful, young-at-heart feeling. It’s a very friendly color, attached to good cheer.



The entire blue family is a favorite color internationally. There’s a certain calm, faithful, credible, dependable concept of blue. [Owners of] sky blues are faithful and quiet, not overreaching. Friendly, but not effusively friendly.

People who have a great deal of self-assurance often like to buy that deeper tone in the blues. It’s a very confident color.



Dark green comes and goes in cars, but it’s considered one of the most traditional and well-balanced colors, with an inherent subtlety attached to it. Now, with all of the movement and understanding of natural themes, having a green car is almost like attaching yourself to the whole green movement, because the color is so implied now, so anything with a green color has a very positive connotation.

Bright green is completely different than the deeper, trustworthy greens. This is one that’s completely fun, whimsy, and lively.



I think we all know what this says. It’s very sober, it’s very corporate, it’s very practical, and it’s a very pragmatic color. It’s a pragmatic choice in that we know it’s a color that you buy and would keep longer than probably any other color.



What is interesting, is that a lot of people who choose white like the idea that it’s very clean. There’s a kind of purity in the color white, and of course these are the people who are also fastidious, because in order to have a white car you’ve gotta keep it very clean [laughs] or else it doesn’t look great.



Black is the most empowered color of all. It’s seen as classic, and the person who would purchase a black car enjoys being seen as powerful. We know that limos and cars politicians are driven around in are [usually] black, and that always implies power.

So there you have it folks.