When Is It Okay To Fart In A Relationship? Survey Answers Age-Old Question


Picture the scene – you’re fresh into a new relationship, the honeymoon stage is thriving. You’re watching a film together in bed for a bit of Netflix and chill.

But then you feel it. That push. That familiar feeling. An impending fart desperate to seep out.

What do you do? Do you push and let the rotten stench of your bowels run wild under the duvet, or do you hold tight amid the mild pain and dissatisfaction.

Well – now, you need not worry, as Mic has done that job for you and have an answer to the age old question of whether to let it go or not.

As reported by Micthey asked 125 people in their 20’s and 30’s when it’s okay to deflower the aroma shared with your partner.

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And, it turns out it takes between two and six months for couples to feel comfortable letting rip in front of one another.

The largest statistic, around 29 per cent, said that it ideally takes up to six months into the relationship for them to do it.

However, the amount of people who wait a full six to 12 months into a relationship was almost as much, at 25.2 per cent.


The results also showed that while 22 per cent are comfortable farting after a few weeks, only 9 per cent would wait a full year.

The survey is apparently working parallel with a Match.com study which found that people start saying ‘I love you’ at around the five month mark in a relationship – which is fart time.

So by that logic: Farting = Love. Just saying…