White Woman Calls Police On Black Dad At His Kid’s Football Game


A parent at a children’s football game had the police called on him for cheering for his son during the game.

The man, simply trying to watch his son’s game and cheer for him from the sides, found himself a target for the law.

He had yelled ‘The ref is right!’ when he saw his kid out there getting frustrated after a call.

‘This woman, lets call her Golfcart Gail,’ Ginger Galore Williams wrote on Facebook, ‘decided to spring into action and rapidly approach this parent and remind him that harassment would not be tolerated.’

The dad informed her he was only speaking to his son but for whatever reason, ‘Golfcart Gail’ just wouldn’t let it go. She allegedly continued to harass and beleaguer him until he offered to leave to avoid a huge riff-raff.

As he began to pack up his things ‘Gail’ informed him she was calling the police because she ‘no longer felt safe with his threatening behavior’ according to Williams.

She said:

This man was peacefully leaving his own son’s soccer game to avoid exactly this situation. What makes this even worse, is that a parent had actually been ejected from this game during the third period. There had to be a delay of game due to the disturbance yet, Golfcart Gail didn’t need to call the police on him.

Why weren’t the police called? What was the difference? I’ll give you a guess. Shame on you Golfcart Gail for what you did to this man and to the children who had to see this. Can you imagine how afraid his child must have been to see this happening?!

SOCCER WHILE BLACK. A parent at my son’s soccer game had the police called on him for cheering for his son during the…

Posted by Ginger Galore Williams on Sunday, 14 October 2018

She added:

Do you know how quickly in America a situation can go wrong? You probably don’t care Golfcart Gail, because you have the privilege of not caring. Thank you to the officers who did respond for listening to everyone and making sure the situation was dissolved safely. So long as this shit continues to happen, I will continue to speak out against it. Black Lives Matter. Don’t ask me again why I kneel.

Awful behaviour. Let’s just be grateful the kid is okay.

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