Whole Class Crawls School Sports Day To Support Disabled Friend


Classmates gave an inspiring display of support and unity to a disabled schooldboy on sports day.

Friends of six-year old Alfie Jones, who is unable to walk or sit without the aid of his wheelchair, showed the meaning of friendship and camaraderie by offering unwavering support as he took part in their school sports day.

Alfie was born with Cerebral Palsy after being born ten weeks early with a bleed on his brain, however that did not deter the young primary school student as he showed true grit and determination to crawl across the finish line.

He was spurred on further from the cheering and clapping from fellow students and parents of Tyldesley Primary School.

His mother Kerrie, an admin worker at the Christie Hospital, told the Manchester Even News that:

Sports day was wonderful to watch, the support and encouragement he receives from school friends is amazing.

His manual wheelchair gives him more independence and lets him explore under his own steam.

With his current chair, he’s unable to stay in it for long periods and is not able to go some places he’d like to. It’s a very basic chair with very little support so it doesn’t help with his posture.

Posted by Kerrie Jones on Thursday, 2 March 2017

Although he is unable to speak due his condition he can still comprehend what’s going on around him and uses an app on his iPad to communicate, with people.

Alfie’s mum and dad (Andrew a Civil Servant at MYCSP), who are both from Astley, shared the video in the hopes of raising funds for a new wheelchair for their son.

Kerrie added that:

The new chair would meet all of his needs, not only physically but it would allow him to go to more places with his friends and family.

Posted by Kerrie Jones on Saturday, 25 March 2017

Furthermore, because he cannot walk he now has hip dysplasia, which is a misalignment in the hip joint. He will need to have surgery to correct it at the Alder Hey Children’s hospital in Liverpool next year in January.

His school have been heavily involved in raising funds for Alfie, so far they’ve organised Easter Egg raffles and his classmates Mia Gagne, Chloe Gill and Kaitlin Gunshon have been crafting hand made key rings to sell in school.

eBay have also offered a generous donation. With the sale of each key ring, every penny will go towards funding for a new chair. Additionally his parents will be running a 10K marathon in May in order to raise more funds.

Posted by Kerrie Jones on Sunday, 14 February 2016

Tyldesley Primary School teacher Julia Buck explained that:

Alfie has been a pupil at our school since Reception and so when we heard about his appeal we were more than happy to help…

… Alfie’s new wheelchair will allow him to continue to develop his independence and enjoy his adventures both in school and at home. We are hoping to raise as much money as we can for one of our very own school family.

Posted by Kerrie Jones on Sunday, 18 December 2016

So far Alfie’s GoFundMe page has made £2,400, the target they’re aiming for is £6,500.

If you’d like to donate money you can do so by clicking here.