Wholesome Man Surprises Drive-Thru Workers With Large Tips

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Wholesome Man Surprises Drive-Thru Workers With Large Tipsu/jayy8143/Reddit

A man has gone viral after surprising fast-food workers with unexpected tips, and their reactions show just how much his random acts of kindness mean.

In a video posted to Reddit, the man, whose name is Stuart, can be seen pulling up at drive-thru restaurants throughout his city, and asking workers how much they’d like to be tipped.


Without exception, the workers all suggest leaving tiny tips, mostly under $2, but Stuart has other ideas in mind.

A man surprises drive-thru workers with large tips (Reddit)u/jayy8143/Reddit

For some workers, he says he’ll pay 10 or even 100 times the amount they ask for. For others, he asks their GPA and multiplies that by 10. And right off the bat, he tells one worker he’s going to tip her $200.

It’s a move the workers clearly weren’t expecting, and their responses range from shock to straight up disbelief.


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‘Are you serious?!’ one person asks, while another seems like their struggle to hold back tears, telling Stuart, ‘You have no idea how much this means.’

The workers seem especially touched by the man’s generosity in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, with one employee telling him ‘we really appreciate that, it’s been crazy the last few months’.

The heartwarming video has struck a chord with people on social media, with a Reddit post of the clip receiving more than 2,700 comments.


‘Their happy faces are so priceless!! This guy has a beautiful heart thank you for appreciating drive-thru workers. You made them very happy’, one person commented, with another person writing, ‘The large amount of crap they have to deal with for such a small hourly wage, they deserve it.’

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    Giving Large Tips To Drive-Thru Workers