Wife Waxes Husband And His Reaction Is Incredible

by : Emily Brown on : 02 Oct 2018 11:53
Wife waxes husbandWife waxes husbandTeam Balmert/Facebook

Anyone who’s ever had a wax will know it is not a pleasant experience, but one man’s reaction to having his hair torn off will put you off the process for life. 


In a delightful display of pain, husband and wife duo Team Balmert took on the task of waxing, with husband Chris being the one who had to face the pain while his wife Lindsay had the delightful job of pulling off the sticky strips.

Lindsay looked all too happy about this arrangement. Chris, on the other hand, appeared more cautious, and he was right to be.

Take a look at his hilarious reaction to the painful process here:


The couple regularly upload videos of their family as they raise awareness for the heart community after their daughter was born with a rare congenital heart defect.

They have started a movement called Stay Upbeat, and to help spread the message they create videos like this brilliant waxing one to gather attention for their work.

Lindsay got stuck right in with the task and attached one of the waxing strips firmly to Chris’ arm; which up until then had been covered completely in hair.

Wife waxes husbandWife waxes husbandTeam Balmert/Facebook

Not allowing any chances for him to prepare, the cunning wife tore the strip from her husband’s skin when he was least expecting it, causing his face to contort in a picture of shock and his entire body to curl away from the woman who had caused him such pain.

His voiced raised a couple of octaves, Chris asked ‘why’d you do that?!’

Unfortunately for him, the arm hair was only the beginning.

Next up was the calf, before moving painfully up the legs towards the inner thigh, which was clearly a very sensitive area for Chris. The poor man’s breath was taken away and he had to sit down to inspect the damage.


Lindsay added a bit of extra pain when she moved on to her victim’s armpit by failing to remove the strip in one swift movement, causing Chris to ask ‘did you just rip my armpit off?’.

Lindsay then moved on to Chris’ chest and nipples, creating a reaction that would rival Steve Carrell’s horrific chest wax ordeal in The 40 Year Old Virgin. 

The wax strip was even left with an indentation of Chris’ nipple, creating a nice bit of memorabilia for his pain.

Wife waxes husbandWife waxes husbandTeam Balmert/Facebook

I think the peak of Chris’ suffering came when his wife started to wax his bum while he clung to a nearby surface for support. The second the strip began to pluck out his hairs, he looked as though he might cry.

The traumatised man appeared to do the rest of the video on his knees, possibly because he just couldn’t muster the strength to stand after the amount of energy it took for him to see the task through.

Sharing the video online, Chris warned Lindsay that she’d be facing an ordeal of her own after all the hair-tearing she subjected Chris to.

He wrote:

This was a bad idea.. however, Lindsay definitely enjoyed every second of it!

Laugh now, but there will be payback.


Watch out, Lindsay, but kudos to you both for raising awareness in such entertaining fashion!

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Team Balmert/Facebook
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