Win A Holiday Using #UNILADAdventure On Instagram

Win A Holiday Using #UNILADAdventure On InstagramUNILAD Adventure/PilotMadeline

It is easy to wistfully daydream of sunny shores when you are stuck behind a desk all day, but those dreams could soon become a reality.

UNILAD is here to help bring vitamin D back into your life with the chance to win an expenses paid holiday.

All you have to do is hashtag #UNILADAdventure on Instagram for your chance to win. But be quick, because only the first 100,000 people are eligible!

Win A Holiday Using #UNILADAdventure On InstagramJet2holidays

TruTravels say:

We firmly believe that travel can not only change peoples’ lives for the better, but it also has the potential to change the world

Countless times we have seen people change for the better in many ways after a travel adventure, be it: opening their eyes and minds to new cultures and ways of thinking, curing previously incurable shyness, developing new social skills, discovering hidden talents, picking up new hobbies or even seeing the world in a more positive and happy light.

Travel is without doubt, the university of life.

Run by backpackers for backpackers, TruTravels say:

We do not like the word ‘tour’ we would prefer to use the word ‘experience’ as our trips are not run like any others out there.

Our trips are run to feel like you are travelling with a group of friends: one of them just happens to know where they are going, all the good places to go, how to save money and most importantly how to stay safe when travelling solo in an unfamiliar country.

We pick you up from the airport on your arrival and we take care of your first steps in your new surroundings as we unload a wealth of information that really will make a huge difference on your travels.

Not only that, our trips are relaxed, fun and care free – you are all adults and it’s your holiday.

We are a bunch of fun loving, young travellers on a life changing adventure.

Before you enter, check out the full terms and conditions here.

Good luck and happy holidays!