Woman Accidentally Blows $213,000 Bitcoin Fortune Buying Drugs On The Dark Web

by : Julia Banim on : 26 May 2021 12:10
Woman Accidentally Blows $700,000 Bitcoin Fortune Buying Drugs On The Dark Web jiatortellini/PA Images

A writer has opened up about the time she accidentally blew a huge bitcoin fortune by purchasing drugs from the Dark Web.

Jia Tolentino, the author of critically acclaimed essay collection Trick Mirror: Reflections on Self-Delusion, recounted her cautionary tale during an appearance on the Reply All podcast in 2018.


Tolentino, 32, told host Alex Goldman how she had bought around £50 ($80) worth of Bitcoin in 2012, and had spent some of it buying drugs. However, after getting a new laptop, she didn’t know what had become of her remaining coins.

Bitcoin (PA Images)PA Images

Goldman told listeners:

Jia says that she bought about 80 bucks worth of Bitcoin for this drug purchase, and she knows that there was Bitcoin left over.

But, in the six years since the original purchase, she has totally forgotten what happened to the bitcoin.


According to reports, the 17.5 coins bought by Tolentino at the time would now worth a staggering £456,253, Jia initially purchased it in 2012.

Reply All’s Super Tech Support team worked to trace Tolentino’s lost fortune, which would have been worth approximately $213,000 at the time of the 2018 podcast.

However, unfortunately, it was discovered that most of the digital money had been used to buy drugs from Dark Web marketplace Silk Road. Tolentino, who recalled buying some weed and MDMA, was left with just 0.00209 bitcoin, worth around £75.


Tolentino admitted:

This really hurts to look at. This really hurts to look at. I really… wow. It’s so embarrassing. You know this is like my mom was always like, ‘Jia you shouldn’t do any drugs’.

And I’m like, ‘Mom, my life is very on track’/ This is like the first time that I’ve been like yeah, you should stop doing drugs.

When the hosts asked Tolentino if the drugs she splashed her fortune on were even any good, she replied: ‘They were fine. I actually think the weed was not that good, and I think the molly was molly so it was great.’

Of course, in 2012 many of us would have had no clue whatsoever as to how the value of Bitcoin would go on to soar, and no doubt there’s plenty of others out there kicking themselves over similar blunders.


You can check out the full episode here.

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