Woman Angrily Demands ‘Everything’ From Cyclist After Bike Possibly Touches Her Car

by : Emily Brown on : 12 Jun 2021 12:39
Woman Angrily Demands 'Everything' From Cyclist After Bike Touches Her Car@marinaierulloo/TikTok

A furious woman was filmed demanding not just money, but ‘everything’ from a cyclist after they allegedly scratched her car with their bike. 

Footage shared by TikTok user @marinaierulloo showed the unidentified woman in the midst of an altercation with the cyclist, who looked to have come to a stop after she began to shout at her.


The video didn’t capture what happened in the run-up to the woman’s outburst, but both the woman behind the camera and the cyclist appear to believe she is overreacting as they can be heard laughing as she shouts at them.

See the video below:


Though the woman in the video definitely has a right to be annoyed if the cyclist did scratch her car, the damage she is referring to is difficult to see, suggesting her excessive demand of retribution is slightly over-the-top.


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The cyclist claimed not to have touched the vehicle, which was parked at the side of the road, but the owner stood by her beliefs as she said: ‘Do you know how much money this costs? Jesus Christ! I want, I want your money – I want everything.’

Aware that her demands were being caught on film, the woman then turned her attention to the person behind the camera and demanded they stop recording, before threatening to film them in return.

Woman demands 'everything' from cyclist (@marinaierulloo/TikTok)@marinaierulloo/TikTok

When they did not meet her demands, saying ‘what are you gonna do?’, the woman instead directed them to film the scratch on her car. Though they briefly directed the camera to the vehicle, the scratch wasn’t big enough to be clear in the footage.


It’s unclear how the altercation ended, but the TikToker admitted that the reaction seemed so extreme they thought the woman was ‘kidding’ when they saw it. While asking for some sort of retribution to help restore any damage would be a reasonable response, it’s unlikely the woman succeeded in getting ‘everything’ she asked for.

Featured Image Credit: @marinaierulloo/TikTok

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