Woman Bored In Isolation Gives Herself ‘Absolutely Terrifying’ Homer Simpson Tattoo

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 28 Mar 2020 18:21
Woman Bored In Isolation Gives Herself 'Absolutely Terrifying' Homer Simpson Tattoo@jenstu_/Twitter/@bodhei/Twitter

Everyone is desperately trying to find ways to alleviate their boredom during quarantine, and one woman had a pretty extreme way of doing so.

While most people may go for a walk or read a book to entertain themselves, Jen Stewart from Coatbridge, Scotland, decided to tattoo herself.


Taking to Instagram for inspiration from her friends on what draw, a friend sent her a picture he drew himself of cartoon character Homer Simpson.

On her Instagram story the 22-year-old wrote ‘send me a lil doodle and I will tattoo my favourite one on myself ‘ which is when her friend sent her his Homer Simpson doodle.

Homer tattooSupplied

Talking about her quirky new tattoo, Jen said to UNILAD:


I always give myself little stick and a poke with tattoos when I’m bored so I posted on my Instagram story for people to send me a little picture they’ve drawn. I’d choose my favourite and tattoo it on myself. My friend Billy then sent me a pic he’d drawn of Homer.

Sticking to her word, Jen then tattooed her friend’s ‘terrifying’ doodle onto herself .

Sharing her hilarious new ink on Twitter, Jen wrote:

just gave myself an absolutely terrifying tattoo of homer simpson cause i was bored n now it’s sinking in that it’s actually stuck on me forever :) cba look at the fuckin state of that


The tweet, shared on Tuesday, March 24, has gone on to be liked over 71,000 times and retweeted 6,000 times. One person hilariously named the tattoo ‘Corona Simpson’, while another person said they would have ‘COVID it up’.

While many made jokes about the tattoo, one person actually reached out to Jen leaving her a heartfelt message.


The person wrote how they’re going through a lot of the moment, but her tattoo really made them laugh ‘so damn hard’. Jen replied saying she was happy it helped them a little.

Someone liked it so much, they even added a flourish of colour via Photoshop:

While Jen’s tattoo is pretty funny, maybe don’t try this at home, guys.


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