Woman Breaks Up With Cheating Boyfriend During Her Birthday Speech

Breaks up with cheating boyfriend@tianaperea__/Twitter

A woman has broken up with her cheating boyfriend by giving a speech at her 22nd birthday party.

If you find out you’ve been cheated on, your first reaction might be to cry or hide yourself away because you can’t deal with what’s happened.

But one girl from Texas refused to do that, publicly outing her cheating boyfriend in front of all of their friends at her birthday party.

Tiana Perea, from Houston, made the decision to break up with her boyfriend after discovering ‘sexts’ he had sent to another girl.

The 22-year-old didn’t want to let him off easily though, and made sure that the breakup would be done in style.

Not only that, but she filmed the entire thing in a video, which she posted to her social media accounts and has since gone viral.

You can watch what happened below:

She captioned the now viral video:

Is this the right thing to do when your bf cheats on you? @s_umana

Perea can be seen at the beginning of the video, smiling at the camera as she prepares to make her big speech.

As everyone turns their attention towards the birthday girl, shouting, ‘happy birthday P,’ the camera pans to show a room filled with all of her friends.

The group then takes a shot, before Perea gets everyone’s attention by thanking them for coming today and saying she wants to make a speech.

She then turns her attention to her cheating boyfriend, saying:

I would like to thank Santos for making me realise that I deserve so much better, because every single person here knows that you were tryna talk to some girl… about being friends with benefits.

Literally all of us have seen screenshots and screen recordings of everything you’ve sent her, especially within the past few days and how you were sexting her and sending her videos. You literally sent her the same picture you sent me today.

The birthday girl then finishes her speech by saying:

Yeah, so, incase you didn’t figure it out, we’re over and you can get the f*ck out.

It’s at this point one of her friends comes down the stairs with her now-ex’s bags, and everyone cheers and tells him to get out. As he leaves the house, the entire room cheers and the birthday party continues – as it should do!

She posted the video to her Twitter last Wednesday (December 12) and it has since gone viral, having nearly 233,000 likes at the time of writing (December 18).

She received a lot of messages of support, as well as many people expressing their shock that she was so bold.

One person tweeted:

T!!! YES GIRL! you know your worth. You’re too pretty & too nice of a person to even put up with that. You’ll be better off

While another simply said:


And another wrote:

Saw this sh*t & I was just like okayyy sis, go off

I mean, if you can’t expose your cheating boyfriend at your own birthday party, when can you?

You go girl.

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