Woman Brings 23 Family Members On Blind Date To See How Generous Potential Boyfriend Was

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 21 Oct 2020 18:50
Woman Brings 23 Family Members On Blind Date To See How Generous Potential Boyfriend WasPixabay

Blind dates can be pretty nerve-wracking, but could you imagine turning up to find your date had brought half their family with them?

Well, in China’s Zheijiang Province, one woman decided to bring 23 family members along as a way of finding out if her potential suitor was generous or not, and the group spent an eye-watering 20,000¥ (£2,284) in the process.


Xiao Liu, 29, was the poor, unsuspecting soul who discovered it wasn’t the date that he had expected, and that he would be expected to foot the hefty food and drink bill.


However, upon discovering the amount his unnamed date and her family had accumulated prior to receiving the bill, Liu made a quick exit and left them to pay for themselves, local newspaper Taizhou Evening News reported.

Liu and the woman later came to an agreement however, with the bulk of the bill to be paid by the woman and her family while he pays the rest.


Some on social media have said that the guy should have paid the bill despite the ridiculous amount, while others took sympathy on the 29-year-old and called his date ‘shameless’ for bringing that many people along with her.


Someone else said, ‘Usually the woman would bring one or two friends in case it gets awkward. We as gentlemen should pay. If the woman bring seven or eight people, you should just leave. She wasn’t genuine anyway.’

While he may have failed her generosity test, he definitely passed the common sense one. Her loss!


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    The woman brought 23 relatives on a blind date and spent nearly 20,000 yuan on food and drink. As a result...