Woman Carrying Fiji Water Behind Celebs On Red Carpet Is Real Star Of Golden Globes

Fiji Water Girl Golden Globes 2019GETTY/STEFANIE KEENAN for Fiji Water

Ah the Golden Globes – one of then many nights in the calendar when all eyes are on the biggest stars in Hollywood – for a change!

While actors including Rami Malek, Jim Carrey, and Lady Gaga were striking their best poses on the red carpet, we should spare a thought for all those working behind the scenes, who help to make these events run so smoothly.

And there’s one person in particular who I think tried her best to steal just a meagre glimpse of the spotlight these A-listers were sharing.

One woman, who could be seen carrying a tray of Fiji Water, managed to photobomb – intentionally I do not know –  a number of celebrities’ shots on the red carpet.

I mean, it’s not completely unusual to see actors’ personal assistants and other employees linger around them while doing ‘the walk’, but it seems as if one employee was determined to try and get…Shall we say, noticed?

Dressed in a bright blue glamorous gown, with a perfectly styled hair-do to match, the woman in question was quickly nicknamed by the Twitter-sphere as ‘the Fiji Water girl’.

Not content with just appearing in the one shot – or maybe a couple by accident – it seems ‘Fiji Water Girl’ had made her appearance in a whole host of images.

Dakota Fanning, Judy Greer, Cody Fern – they all received the ‘Fiji Water Girl’ treatment.

Check them out below:

Now, I only imagine this is the case, but if you’re trying to ‘make it’ – especially in Hollywood – then you’ve got to have a big ol’ amount of talent to get yourself noticed, or have a lucky break, or know the right people – but then again, I guess you just do what you can to get yourself ‘out there’.

And for that reason – I could be wrong but stay with me – it seems viewers applauded this woman’s attempts to make the most of her red carpet experience.

I mean, if E! News are tweeting photos of you while you’re at work, then I guess you’ve definitely ‘made it’ – even if it’s just five minutes of fame. They wrote:

This woman holding FIJI Water at the #GoldenGlobes truly came to SERVE. [sic]

Fiji Water Girl Golden Globes 2019Getty

Who knows? It could have been a very clever stunt courtesy of Fiji Water, because they wanted the PR? I mean, I’d never heard of them until last night (January 6), so fair play to them and the ‘Fiji Water Girl’.

However, after a quick little Twitter search, it seems ‘Fiji Water Girl’ is an aspiring model – is this her best work yet?

‘Fashion/beauty/commercial photographer’, Ema Suvajac, tweeted to say:

The Fiji Water Girl is my fave model to work with, Kelleth Cuthbert! A recent shoot :) And though you can’t tell, she’s also freakin hilarious!! <3 LOVE HER

Have we come across the person who’ll feature in the most memes of 2019? I can only imagine what’s to come once the photoshop-savvy among you get your hands on her… Her images I mean.

If you want to check her out in action, a quick Twitter search of ‘Fiji Water Girl’ will keep you occupied for a few minutes… A star is born.

Welcome to the world of fame, Kelleth Cuthbert – nice to meet you.

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