Woman Catches Neighbour On The Radio Brutally Complaining About Her ‘Talking Too Much’


Woman Catches Neighbour On The Radio Brutally Complaining About Her 'Talking Too Much'@sabinahbaby/TikTok

Every neighbourhood or apartment block has an annoying neighbour, but what happens when you realise that neighbour is you?

One woman was left to find out in the most unexpected of ways, when she was listening to the radio and heard a familiar voice referring to an incident that struck a bit too close to home…literally.


In a TikTok video captioned ‘me finding out my neighbour is a radio host,’ @sabinahbaby shared a clip from a radio show she’d tuned into not long after moving to a new city, in which the host can be heard complaining about his annoying encounters with a talkative neighbour.


‘I have a new neighbour and all she wants to do is talk talk talk talk talk’ the host moans, as his cohost jokes ‘she got the wrong neighbour when she moved next to you on that one.’

If Sabina couldn’t already tell by the host’s voice that she was the new neighbour they were talking about, the next part made it pretty clear, with the host going into specifics about her, telling listeners ‘You know it’s so funny, she literally said that, she said ‘I was so excited, I just moved here from Philly, I was excited to move in the building and get to know my neighbours, and then I got you.’


‘Yeah my bad girl, don’t talk to me,’ the host concludes.

Although the radio host clearly thinks he’s in the right here, Sabina’s followers disagree, with many commenting to say the host’s attitude towards his new neighbour is a major red flag.

Sabina Hunsicker (@sabinahbaby/TikTok)@sabinahbaby/TikTok

‘This guy hurt my feeling and I’m not even involved,’ one person commented, with another pointing out ‘he literally talks for a living.’


‘If he says hi to you, just be like ‘don’t you just hate it when your neighbours just talk talk talk talk talk,’ another person suggested.

Sabina has since commented on her video asking her viewers to stop sending the radio host hate, so hopefully the two are able to patch things up and avoid any awkward hallway encounters in the future.

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