Woman Caught Cheating When Her And Boyfriend Got Picked Up By Uber Driving Husband

by : Julia Banim on : 01 Oct 2018 15:38
Uber driver finds out about wife's affair.Uber driver finds out about wife's affair.Deposit Photos/Picture posed by models

There is no good way to discover your wife is having an affair. However, there are some ways to find out which are inarguably way more awkward than others.


For one Uber driver from Colombia, his wife’s extramarital dalliances were uncovered when she and her beau requested an Uber to a Barranquilla motel, where they had planned an afternoon tryst.

The wife – whose name have been given as Yeimy – and her concealed flame Jesús Barrios accepted the Uber app’s assigned driver – Leonardo – only after making sure neither of them knew him.

As they awaited their ride at their agreed location, the secret lovers were blissfully unaware their stolen moments of passion were about to turn very sour indeed…


Unfortunately for Yeimy and Jesús, Yeimy’s husband actually did know Leonardo. So much so that Leonardo had lent him his vehicle that very same day to use for his own work, as reported by El Espectador.

As Yeimy and Jesús slipped into their requested Uber, Yeimy was horrified to see her very own husband in the driver’s seat. Understandably, her husband – who has not been named – was equally taken aback. Talk about one seriously icy bucket of cold water.

Reports vary as to what happened next, although we can safely assume the three of them didn’t laugh it off and go for pint together.

Some sources have told El Espectador how the busted lovebirds fled from the scene, while others reported how the husband had confronted his wife about her affair in public.

Uber driver discovers wife's affair.Uber driver discovers wife's affair.Deposit Photos/Picture posed by models

Yeimy and Jesús had reportedly been carrying on behind the unsuspecting husband’s back for over year, with the game finally up all thanks to Uber.

Those who have heard this modern day love triangle story cannot stop cringing for anyone involved, expressing sadness for the husband who had to find out about the long term affair in such an uncomfortable way.

Others were pleased Yeimy’s lies had finally been uncovered, with one person cheering:


I imagine the face that adulterous woman put on, and where will she have slept that night??? In the motel or in her house, hahaha Good news!!!

Although I can’t quite see it myself, another person joked:

That’s a perfect opening for a modern rom-com. Lol.

Sometimes it takes a while to twig when your loved one is being unfaithful, but there are apparently warning signs you can look out for.

According to dating site eHarmony:

One of the first and most obvious clues that your partner may be cheating is that the amount of time they spend with you changes dramatically or shifts noticeably in quality. They may start working late or be spending much more time with friends or on recreational activities.

Going to the gym more or taking extra care of personal appearance and grooming can also be indicators that there is someone new that they want to impress.

As important as where they spend their time is how attentive and present they are when they are with you. Do they seem continually distracted or like they have something on their mind? Do you get the feeling that they are avoiding being alone with you?

While we can all be preoccupied at times with work or other concerns. if the changes in time at home, and attention when they are with you, are coupled with some of the other signs it could indicate that the focus of their attention has moved away from you and your relationship.

I just hope Yeimy and the decidedly un-Christ-like behaving Jesús at least gave the wronged husband a five-star Uber rating.

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