Woman Caught Her Boyfriend Cheating And Posted The Whole Thing To Twitter

Ayana The DivaAyanaTheDIVA/Twitter

Gather round folks for we have a tale as old as time set in the internet age to remind us, cheating is bad and your indiscretions may well wind up as a thread on Twitter.

Do we need reminding doing the dirty on your partner isn’t considered good behaviour, for most of us, probably not. Are we going to grab the popcorn and enjoy someone’s misfortune of relationship choices? You betcha!

It all begins at the workplace where Twitter user @AyanaTheDiva had started a job just two weeks before taking to social media to tell her story.

New jobs are daunting enough, so meeting someone on the same page as you is pretty cool. You spend half you’re life at work. This is a good beginning.

Office bants spark and Ayana and her mate get on like the proverbial house which is just as easily alluded to as an Amy Poehler/Tina Fey gif – I like her already.

So as you do, you get to sharing, and in this case the colleague shows a pic of her boo on Instagram.

You know there’s trouble when the queen of side-eye appears in your feed. This is going to get juicy.

Accompanying side eye girl, Ayana wrote:

The FIRST name in her search bar was my boyfriend’s Instagram page.

Wait for it…

Spoiler alert, she does:

Keep it cool, keep it cool…

She posted:

So she’s like ain’t he fine , ain’t he fine. Omg how you know him. I just simply replied ‘we went to middle school and high school together.

So I’m like ‘so that’s just your boo or your boyfriend’ I’m still smiling acting so interested

She goes ‘girl that’s just my boo but we talk everyday we might as well be together’.

Ayana shows some real restraint here not launching immediately into her conniving colleague’s face and instead invites her home (where the boyfriend in question also lives).

Plot twist. The colleague lives in the same place.

Just unbelievable, right. Ayana plays devil’s advocate, suggesting the pair of pairs double date.

Ayana’s boyfriend’s car is in the garage, so going with the flow they go into the house where she pours her colleague a glass of wine and waits for the fireworks to explode.

Her colleague wasn’t impressed by Ayana’s approach to breaching the subject.

Ayana wrote:

She then looks at me and goes ‘Really Ayana? Why didn’t you just tell me ?? This is embarrassing I wouldn’t have done you like this’ [sic]

For the bants, doubly duped unnamed colleague. Obviously because bants.

Ayana’s boyfriend saw the front door too:

After everything, Ayana and her colleague made up. She wrote ‘Me and her have talked yall. We are good… I APOLOGIZED TO HER. [sic]

But the fella, yeah, let’s leave this to Ayana to explain:

My ex still ain’t sh*t tho. No we are not together. I am visiting family while he’s at the crib getting his things . He gotta go. TADAY [sic]

Lessons learnt: be wary of your co-workers, don’t chirpse people on Insta if you’re already in a relationship, be prepared for your friends to flip out if you decide to keep them in the dark to make a juicy relationship breakdown thread on Twitter.

If only she got a video of what happened, like that chap who got caught browsing girls’ bums on the toilet. Then she could’ve made some big noise.

Also, make sure your phone isn’t connected to Apple TV at any given point and turn the volume down on your phone before you even open the internet browser. You know why.

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