Woman Changes Mum’s Autocorrect And The Cat Sitter Gets Very Rude Texts

by : Lucy Connolly on : 05 Dec 2019 18:43
Coronation Street's Nicola Thorp Changes Mum's Autocorrect And The Cat Sitter Gets Very Rude Textsnicolathorp_/Twitter

If you’ve never messed with someone’s autocorrect on their phone, trust me when I say you’re missing out.

As immature as it might be, you just can’t beat the pure glee you feel when your mum/dad/[insert someone who isn’t very tech-savvy here] looks at their screen in complete confusion and calls you in to help.


One woman who knows this feeling is Nicola Thorp, an English actor who recently changed her 61-year-old mother’s autocorrect and subsequently created a very awkward text exchange with the cat sitter.

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Nicola, 30, was on holiday with her mum when she got the idea to mess with her phone, and added a number of text replacements for simple words such as ‘hi’ and ‘the’.

She then shared what happened when her 61-year-old mum tried to write an innocent text message to her cat sitter, which ultimately turned into something far ruder than the unsuspecting woman could have ever imagined.


Nicola shared the hilarious exchange on Twitter, captioning the post: ‘I changed my mum’s autocorrect whilst we’re on holiday in Germany. She just texted this to the cat-sitter.’

In the screenshot, her mum sent a series of Whatsapp messages to somebody, which began with, ‘the sex dungeons of Cologne’. When she tried to write, ‘Janny here’, autocorrect replaced it with, ‘bitch tits here’. Similarly, when she attempted to say, ‘hi’, her words got changed to, ‘fuck off’.

The texts then (somehow) got even more explicit, with one message reading: ‘Will u clean c*nty bollocks cat litter’ – which was supposed to be the much more innocent message of: ‘Will you clean the cat litter’.


The text thread then took an extremely wholesome turn, when the 61-year-old realised something was wrong with her phone and attempted to apologise to the cat sitter. Thankfully, this time her words stayed the same and she wrote, ‘noooooo’ before asking: ‘Will you though’.


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Shortly after Nicola posted the tweet it naturally went viral, attracting more than 15k likes and 2.3k retweets, with hundreds of people applauding the Coronation Street actor for her sneaky ways.

While one person called her a ‘hero’, another wrote: ‘I can’t stop laughing’. Yet another person said: ‘It’s not often I laugh until I wheeze in the mornings but this had me crying.’


Incredible. Now if you’ll just excuse me while I go and find a poor, unsuspecting soul who’s left their phone lying around somewhere…

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