Woman Confronts Guy With One Leg For Parking In Disabled Bay

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Woman Confronts Guy With One Leg For Parking In Disabled Bay@pnuks/TikTok

A TikTok user who parked in a disabled bay taught a woman a lesson after she questioned whether the disability badge in his car actually belonged to him. 

The TikToker, who goes by the handle @pnuks, shared his story over a series of two videos after the woman approached him at a McDonalds car park in Australia.


Despite having the blue disability badge clearly displayed in his windscreen, the unidentified woman evidently found it necessary to question exactly what qualified him to have the badge.

Check out the TikToker’s response below:

@pnuksReply to @lisacameron56 can we get the camera footage @mcdonaldsau ? ##amputee ##pnuks ##lakemba ##boomer ##australia♬ Up – Cardi B


Before confronting the woman, the TikTok user told his followers that he has a disability card because he has a fake leg, but ‘obviously you can’t see [his] disability’ while he’s in a car.

Though people can have disability cards for a vast range of reasons, the TikTok user explained that the woman thought it would be a ‘great idea’ to approach him, knock on his window and ‘demand to know’ whether the badge was his.

Making his frustration clear, he shouted: ‘It’s not your business if we have this card, it’s not your business. You are not the disability police. Even if someone doesn’t look old, or doesn’t “look disabled enough”, if they have [a badge], you shut your mouth and you walk away.’

@pnuksyou are not the “Disability Police” ##pnuks ##amputee ##disabled @mcdonalds @mcdonaldsau ##lakemba♬ Cinematic film – STARWARS

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The TikToker then shared his follow-up video, in which he approached the woman and showed her his fake leg. The woman denied that she’d approached him because he didn’t ‘look disabled enough’. She claimed she wanted to know if he ‘desperately’ needed the badge, and argued that she ‘had a right’ to ask about his badge.

The man behind the camera hit back that she did not ‘have a right’ to ask, adding: ‘if the card is there, you don’t need to worry about it. There’s a reason why we have the card… so you don’t assume that someone isn’t disabled enough. Don’t ever do that again.’

After sharing the video, the TikToker racked up thousands of views and received praise for the way he responded to the woman, with one person expressing their thanks for him raising awareness of the issue.

TikToker confronts woman who questioned his disability badge@pnuks/TikTok

They wrote: ‘THANK YOU I am disabled and I don’t look it and I’m so terrified of anyone telling me so I don’t use any ‘perks’.

Another commented: ‘It’s like they assume it’s only for elderly. My mum is an amputee and this happens fairly often.’

Hopefully the Tiktoker’s reaction will have made the woman realise that personal information such as whether someone has a disability is just that – personal – and she will think twice before approaching anyone in a disabled parking bay again.


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