Woman Details What It Was Like Growing Up Asexual

by : Julia Banim on : 21 Nov 2021 13:37
Woman Details What It Was Like Growing Up AsexualUNILAD

A woman has opened up candidly about what it was like growing up as an asexual person.

Speaking with UNILAD during an episode of Minutes With, 21-year-old vlogger and asexual activist Emi recalled the confusion of being in year five or year six and listening to her friends discussing the boys they fancied.


Unlike her friends, Emi ‘didn’t ever feel a crush or an excitement to be around any of these boys’, but reasoned at the time, ‘this boy is nice to me so that must mean I like him and have a crush on him’.

Check out the episode for yourself below:


Emi realises now that this was just a case of ‘someone being nice’ to her, and didn’t mean she had a crush. explaining: ‘I look back at that and I really pick that up as an early sign of my asexuality, because I just didn’t experience these childhood crushes in the same way that everyone else used to.’


An asexual person is defined as someone who feels little to no sexual attraction, however, this can be experienced in various ways and doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t want a relationship. For example, some asexual people will still feel romantic attraction towards others, even without sexual attraction.

Emi revealed that she felt ‘different’ when people discussed their early attractions to others, feeling as though ‘everyone kind of knew something that I didn’t’.

However, it was when she went to sixth form college that Emi began to feel ‘really different’, with this being a time when ‘everyone was exploring everything’.


Explaining what asexuality means, Emi said:

That just means that that’s just not part of my brain that clicks in the same way it does for everyone else.

Some asexual people can still have sex, some don’t, some don’t mind if it makes their partner happy and it’s something they want to do, then that makes them happy as well.

If you’ve been affected by any of these issues and want to speak to someone in confidence, contact the LGBT Foundation on 0345 3 30 30 30, 10am–6pm Monday to Friday, or email [email protected]

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